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365 Project – August

This month was so busy, we have new bedside tables and we did a little bit of DIY in the caravan. We had a trip with the caravan at Hadrian’s Wall and it was even better than expected, amazing views and lots of nice places to see. I got to use an honesty box again and I really love those. I watched the Olympics and I was so happy with the results team GB had. We found an international shop with lots of interesting produce, things I never tried before, like plantain and a couple of Romanian items. We also went to the Chinese shop and I bought lots of things from there too. As you can see half of my Intagram feed was food. Bake Off started and I’m baking along, like last year. It’s so exciting.


Day 214. Festus, after his 2nd dinner. I forgot to tell my husband I already fed him. Day 215. Vegan porridge with homemade strawberry and blueberry jam, chopped prunes and edible flowers. Day 216. Another one of my Clematis was in bloom. Day 217. Vegan smoothie, still having a smoothie/soup every day since I started the smoothie challenge on 1st June. Day 218. I tryied Cava, it’s a good alternative to Champagne. Day 219. New bedside tables were installed and I was so happy with them, hence the picture. Day 220. True Brit nail polish, gray. I’m so happy with the colour, looks fab. Day 221. Shopping spree from a Chinese supermarket, lots of new ingredients to try. Day 222. I watched the finale at gymnastics. I saw sports I was not familiar with at the Olympics. It was really interesting. Day 223. Broccoli and parsnip soup, vegan and healthy. Day 224. Vegan tofu salad with tomatoes, olives, spring onions and red pepper. Day 225. Festus, extremely tired after the long walk to the shop.

Day 226. I tried a new blend of loose tea with orange and quince bits. Day 227. Taking a picture at Crosby beach near one of the 100 iron men. Day 228. Evening walk with Festus. Day 229. Liverpool docks, where we walked after not finding a place at the rooftop terrace we wanted to go to. Day 230. Dark chocolate, wine and The Walking Dead, the perfect night-in. Day 231. A Silly Bum dog toy, I though is hilarious. Day 232. My husband was playing with the dog and this is what happened. Day 233. A very ripe watermelon. Day 234. After a delicious lunch, we went for a walk through the park.

Day 235. I made strawberry jam with Scottish strawberries for the cake I baked for the GBBO bake along. Day 236.Me, relaxing in the beautiful garden of the Museum of Brands in London. Day 237. My first Victoria sponge for GBBO. Day 238. I got half of dozen eggs from a local farm and got to put the money in the honesty box. The eggs where delicious. Day 239. A short trip with the caravan. Day 240. A sign in Bewcastle towards Rome, only 1141 miles away. Bewcastle is a small village with less than 400 people at the border with Scotland. Day 241. Baked waffle with a dollop of raspberry curd. Day 242. I still find ripe strawberries in my garden. Day 243. I like the new display at Cheshire Oaks. Day 244. Viennese Whirls.

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  1. Oooh, that vegan tofu salad sounds really tasty! Except maybe the olives, I don’t like those haha!

    ~ K

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