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Paladone Disney Quiz Night

Last week I’ve been invited to a Paladone Disney Quiz Night in Manchester. My husband and I managed to get there a bit late, as it happens so often, but just in time for the quiz. We’ve team up with Codie (from and we were ready for the challenge. While we were in the car driving to the event, my husband and I were talking about how little we know about Disney and that we should have watched Disney movies instead of the ones we saw (including 12 years a slave, amazing film, but not very helpful at the time).

01 Paladone Quiz Night

These pictures were taken at the end, it’s the three of us with our prize. It’s huge because we’ve won the quiz. 😀

Now let’s go back to the beginning. Codie had a name for the team: Quizney Princesses, but as hubby was in the team, we said we should add & King as well. Then we had a bit of delicious food and a cocktail.

02 Paladone Quiz Night

All food was vegan and very very tasty. I was delighted to be able to eat anything I want (I might have overeaten) and even the non-veggies looked happy with the choices. The event took place at The Zombie Shack, it’s a lovely place for food, cocktails and it’s also beautifully decorated, in Manchester city centre. I would love to go there again.

03 Paladone Quiz Night

The quiz started and I remembered so many things I had no idea I knew, including songs. It was hilarious. My husband did remember a few things too, much to his surprise. It’s quite funny to see how many things we know and we don’t know we know.

We had multiple rounds with questions, remembering songs or movies, identifying characters, watching a short clip and answering questions from that clip. It was a close race, we were in second place before the final round and…

04 Paladone Quiz Night

We won! With a 5 points lead and the only ones with more than 100 points. Not that we were terrible competitive, but Codie and I ran to the screen to take a picture of the result.

05 Paladone Disney Quiz Night

After that we went to sort out our prizes and we had so many. These are our items, half of the 1st prize! It’s it amazing?! I have a few doubles and I will make a giveaway or two next month with them.

06 Paladone Disney Quiz Night

Spiderman Egg Cup with a toast cutter. I like it a lot, it’s so funny.

07 Paladone Disney Quiz Night

This Marvel Avengers Hulk Shaped Mug is perfect for green tea, don’t you think?

08 Paladone Disney Quiz Night

I love the Grumpy gift set: mug & socks. I told my husband that he should use it when he is grumpy. In a very grumpy tone he replied that he is never grumpy, so I will use the mug, as the discussion made me grumpy.

09 Paladone Disney Quiz Night

Star Wars Rogue One Set Of 8 3D Coasters, my husband loves these ones. I like the 3D effect too. We will definitely use them.

10 Paladone Disney Quiz Night

Besides those great prizes, which I’m going to mention on social media these days, we also got goodie bags. A travel mug that I will use. I wanted to get a similar one, so it’s exactly what I wanted. I postponed getting a mug because I already have 2 sets of travelling mugs, but this one is ceramic, so different. The Gadget decals are so cute, I like them and the notepad is very cute too.

11 Paladone Disney Quiz Night

I liked the Toy Box Mickey Mouse Luminart so much that I asked my husband to put it in the kitchen. It has a retro feel that I like and I think it goes nicely with the white walls and the white furniture.

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  1. I absolutely love Disney well done for winning such an amazing prize! Determination can get you a long way

  2. I’m so gutted I wasn’t able to go to this. This looked amazing! I saw Codie’s Instastories about it and she said it was a great night. The prizes look fantastic! Congrats on winning! 😀 Although you would’ve had some competition if husband and I had come along! 😉 Our life is full of Disney films!

  3. A Disney quiz sounds so much fun! I do tend to get a little competitive at quizzes though haha!

  4. Oh gosh I’m so proud that you won! haha Without sounding patronising.
    I’d love to take part in something like that but I’m much to scared of social interaction lol.

    Pretty jealous of that Toy Box Mickey Mouse Luminart. I have quite a few bits of old school art/canvases so might have to put that on the wishlist!


    1. Aww, thank you. 🙂 The social part was great, I was in a team with hubby and a lovely blogger I know for a couple of years now. Blogging events like this one are really great, even if you have a bit of social anxiety. xx

  5. congrats on winning the quiz!! 😀 it sounds like you had a fab evening! What an impressive prize as well! 🙂

  6. Wow what an amazing prize! Or prizes haha. I’d love to try this quiz.

    Corinne x

  7. Congratulations on winning! It looks like you got some amazing prizes.

    My Disney knowledge is terrible. I’ve never really been that into Disney, even though my older brother loved it and had all of the videos and books.

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