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What we did on Halloween

Before moving to UK, my husband and I didn’t celebrate Halloween. I had no intentions of celebrating until I saw so many things in the shop, decorations and costumes and so on. It was exciting, so I said we should do something. I’m getting more and more excited about Halloween, as I love having kids over for treats, they look so cute in their outfits and they are so well behaved. I also love cooking strange things like jelly-brains and graveyard cakes. Also, who doesn’t love having skeletons laying around in the house?



In the first year we went to the Halloween Lantern Carnival in Sefton Park, it was fun. I’ve made a graveyard cake with toffee, loads of toffee. It was a version of a sticky toffee pudding. I didn’t buy treats because I had no idea children will come trick&treating. It was embarrassing, but I learned and in 2013 I had lots of treats for them.

The following year we decorated the house, I cooked a lot, we had friends over, dressed up and we had loads of children coming for treats. It was fab. I didn’t blog about Halloween, but I have some pictures on the external hard drive. I was dressed as a witch and my husband was a vampire. My husband managed to scare a child, when he answered the door with the lights off, he is tall and dressed in black. The mother had a laugh, but the child looked like he wasn’t that keen on treats. We didn’t switch the lights off when the next children were asking for treats. It was lovely.


In 2014 we were in the middle of renovating our home. We moved only a couple of weeks before Halloween, but still celebrated with treats. We had a pumpkin and we’ve decorated with what we had the year before. It was a race against time, as everything we did back then. Working full-time and renovating makes it impossible to spend time doing other things too, like crazy props for Halloween.



Last year we were Romans. My idea of the outfit didn’t work out and I didn’t have my sewing machine. So our costumes were made with lots of fabric and a lot of hope. We scattered bones in the conservatory,  spiders and we made a hilarious pumpkin with “real” eyes. I also made black buns for burgers, brains and other bakes.


This year we wanted to have a different theme: Breaking Bad. We both loved the show, I even made a Breakingwell tart. But the props I’ve ordered from ebay arrived in pieces… so were my dreams of making cocktails in Erlenmeyer jars. Luckily, we didn’t buy the costumes (real hazardous costumes). It’s quite amazing how expensive this stuff is. The chemistry jars are from £10 each, the suits are £20 each and a couple of small industrial plastic drums can reach £30. We don’t need them after Halloween and it’s not likely we can use them again next year.
Beside some bloody hands that I’ve put in the caravan, I have no other ideas for Halloween… it’s good it’s not in a couple of days.

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  1. Wow you go all out! You look great as do your treats from previous years no doubt you’ll do a good one this year too! Make sure to blog about it!

  2. I don’t celebrate Halloween too and I don’t put in much effort unless my kids want me to. You have put in so much of effort and it look great. Love your toffee cakes! Yum yum!

  3. When we lived in a flat we didn’t have trick or treaters because nobody could get into the building, so this year I will have to remember to buy sweets as there’s lots of children where we live. I just hope I don’t eat the sweets before the children arrive!

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