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Plas Newydd

“Enchanting mansion and gardens, with spectacular views of Snowdonia” is the description on National Trust website and I agree with them. The country house is beautiful and the views are exquisite.

Plas Newydd 4

On the way to the property, we’ve stopped in Conwy, where we ate a beautiful cake and we visited The Smallest House in Great Britain, pictures here.

On arrival at Plas Newydd, I realized that this was the place where there are a lot of red squirrels. I’ve read there are red squirrels in Anglesey on the RSST’s website (Red Squirrel Survival Trust), but I completely forgot this was the property they mentioned. So we walked though the woods towards the house, I had 3.5″ heels, not a real issue for walking, but inappropriate.

Plas Newydd 1

We didn’t see any squirrels. The guide told us that on his visit, HRH The Prince of Wales (Patron of RSST) didn’t see any either, so we felt a little better.

Plas Newydd 2

This is only a small part of the renewable energy projects made by National Trust. They also installed a sea energy pump, that will cover the costs of heating the mansion.

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The painting is a Van Dyck.

Plas Newydd 14

Plas Newydd 15

I couldn’t pass the opportunity to have a picture taken near the painting of Henry VIII.

Plas Newydd 16

The Marchioness of Anglesey’s bedroom, so cute, pink and girly and elegant at the same time. I was smitten.

Plas Newydd 17

Plas Newydd 18

Plas Newydd 19

There isn’t a handle from the bedroom and the door looks like the wall. It is the door for the servant’s stairs, so there wasn’t any need to put a handle from that side of the door.

Plas Newydd 21

Plas Newydd 22

Plas Newydd 23

The clock is 212 years old and it was stopped by the NT to protect it.

Plas Newydd 24

Plas Newydd 25

Plas Newydd 26

Plas Newydd 27

I love the window settee, I imagine myself with a cup of tea and a book, snuggled on a rainy day.

Plas Newydd 28

Plas Newydd 29

After we finished the visit of the house it started raining, so we went back inside to have a cream tea.

Plas Newydd 30

I was so happy that we went back, as I found a great book about the history of F1, by season, from 1950 to 2004 at the used bookshop.

Plas Newydd 31

The rain stopped and it was much sunnier and warm than before. We stroll though the terraced gardens.

Plas Newydd 32

Plas Newydd 33

Plas Newydd 34

Plas Newydd 35

Plas Newydd 36

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Plas Newydd 38

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Plas Newydd 40

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Plas Newydd 42

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It was a beautiful day out. We learned about the 1st Marquess of Anglesey and the Napoleonic wars, his courage and the scandal that involved him and the Duke of Wellington.
After visiting the house, I’ve read a few things about The 7th Marquess of Anglesey, who died last year, at 90. He donated a part of the estate to National Trust in 1976, but still retained a few rooms for him to live in.  The 7th Marquess was involved in different charities, including NT. The 8th Marquess lived at Plas Newydd until 1999.

In the dinning room there is the biggest painting by Rex Whistler, a very talented painter who died in WW2, at only 39. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of his paintings this year, due to copyright. But next year the copyright will expire, 70 years after the death of the author. We intend to visit the mansion again and take a lot of pictures of the painting, it’s a beautiful piece of art.

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    1. Thank you so much. I make the jewellery and it’s very rewarding to hear nice comments about it.

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