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Goals for 2020. How I did

I talked about my 2020, today I’m going to talk about goals I set up at the beginning of 2020 and a review of what I managed to achieve (or not). Some of the things I planed couldn’t happen because of the pandemic, obviously. Even so, I was able to achieve most of my goals, which is pretty amazing.

Goals for 2020: Blogs

1. Post regularly. I did, on all three blogs, so I’m happy with that. I reviewed all the books I read on Coffee&Books, I posted over 100 times on this blog, and I shared almost 60 recipes on CookStyle. This means a total of 300 posts, more or less.


2. Vegan or Vegetarian restaurants, every other month. The plan was to have 6 new restaurant reviews and here are 8. This is very good, especially as we went into lockdown twice.
1. EverGreen Boat Cafe, Lymm
2. Red Lion Inn, Deddington
3. Veggie Republic, Liverpool
4. Allotment Vegan Eatery, Manchester
5. Sanskruti Restaurant, Liverpool
6. Vertigo, Manchester
7. V Rev, Manchester
8. Down at the Hatch, Liverpool

3. Fun activities.I thought I will not be able to share 3 fun activities, but I did, even if two of these took place at home. We also started playing tennis, which is more a sport than a fun activity, hence I will not include it in this short list.
1. Golf
2. VR at home
3. Mandarin Lesson


4. Style & Beauty. As last year I didn’t manage to write beauty or style once a month, this year I had a goal of 8 posts and that was great, as I managed to make all 8.
1. Kat von D Super Brow
2. Mia Tui Handbag
3. Makeup as art
4. Face masks
5. New Items from the Body Shop
6. Empties from the Body Shop
7. Vegan Kind Beauty Box
8. Dyson Hair Dryer

5. Taste the World and Royal Recipes. Initially I set a target of 7 recipes for Taste the World and 3 for the Royal Recipes series. In the end I made 10, but only from the Taste the World challenge. With a mostly vegan diet, the Royal recipes are not easy to adapt.

taste the world

Taste the World:
01. China – Chinese Stir Fry
02. Chad – Courgette with Peanuts
03. Israel – Hamantasch
04. India – Turmeric latte
05. Sweden – Kladdkaka
06. Canada – Vegan Poutine
07. Romania – Coconut squares
08. Romania – Iahnie de fasole
09. Romania – Mushroom soup
10. Pakistan – Zeera biscuits


6. Reviews. My aim was a review each month. I did only 9, but I am pleased with this.
1. Guide Dogs Centre, just because I want to promote it again and again. The work they do is amazing.
2. The Wexell Escape Room
3. Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor
4. VIVE Cosmos
5. Cuprinol Garden Shades
6. Embleys Nurseries
7. Toast Ale
8. Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box, October and November
9. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Goals for 2020: Personal

1. Exercise regularly. My aim was to have 52 workouts, at the gym, playing games, or working out at home. I managed only 49 workouts, which is not bad considering that the lockdowns made it impossible to do many of the things I planned to do.

2. Sew. I made face masks. I did not have time nor inclination for something else though.

3. Make 5 from 40 before 40 list. In 2019 I made 7, so I was hoping for 5 in 2020. It didn’t work out and only did 2. Here is the list. There are 16 more items on it and I might not be able to do everything for different reasons, but well, the whole idea was to do things I wouldn’t have done otherwise, so, from that point of view, I am still happy with the progress.
1 – no. 15 – Take a narrowboat day-trip or a short holiday. I had lunch at EverGreen Boat Cafe.
2 – no. 17 – Have a meal in a Michelin-starred/fancy vegan restaurant – Allotment Manchester

4. Read 100 Books. I thought it will be hard, but it was not, as I reached the goal with two months to spare. In end I read a total of 122 books.

Goals for 2020: Travel

1. London.I went to Queen’s Gallery and National Gallery in January.

2. 15 new flags. Each year I add new flags on UK’s map, with new places I visited. Unsurprisingly it was not something I was able to achieve this year. Only 3 flags were added to my map this year, reaching a total of 156. I hope in 2021 the situation will be different and that we are going to be able to go on holidays.

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  1. I really wish I’d made a note of my 2020 achievements, your list is so inspiring! And I’m very impressed with how many books you read, that is awesome.

    1. This is why I’m doing these round-ups, to remember what I did, as I always by December I forget things I’ve done or places I’ve been to in January or February. 🙂

  2. Wow, you have managed so much, even with the lockdowns! I imagine Royal recipes are not easy to adapt as vegan. We haven’t been out for dinner since my birthday in February, as my older son’s respite finished when he turned 18, and who knows when he would be able to have it again. I’d love to explore some of the eating places in Oxford. Well, maybe, one day.
    You did an amazing job with book reviews! You’re an inspiration!
    Here’s to another year of goals and achievements!

    1. It’s hard with Sasha indeed. I hope the situation will get better after we can go back to a sort of a normal in a few months time. xx

  3. Well done on your goals! You did well to stay motivated and get so much done during an awful year. You did more than me that’s for sure, but I bet I watched more netflix than you haha.

  4. That’s amazing – what a lot you did! I like that you have a “before 40” list – I did that too! My goal was to do a marathon (I used to racewalk), and I did! It feels amazing to accomplish a goal, whether it’s big or small. Well done, Anca!

  5. I can’t believe how much you still managed to achieve when we were in and out of lockdown so many times- Well Done!

    It goes without saying that your reading total was amazing, as I have been following that over at Goodreads.

    I also enjoyed reading your section on ‘Taste The World’. I would probably like just about all of these, except for the mushroom soup, which I am not that keen on, even though I like mushrooms in a meal or raw in a salad! I’m afraid I would probably also have to make then as the ‘everything included’ option, rather then the healthy vegan or vegetarian option, as delicious as you make them look – Sorry!

    Good Luck with your 2021 challenges!

    Yvonne Xx

    1. Thank you Yvonne

      The mushroom soup is a veggie take on a tripe soup, which is traditional in Romania, but I imagine many non-Romanians would rather have my version instead of the “meaty” one. :)) The rest of the dishes are naturally vegan or vegetarian.

  6. You did fantastic job with your goals, especially considering the pandemic and everything. The number of books you managed to finish is quite impressive.

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