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Rock Houses

I heard about Kinver Edge and the Rock Houses a couple of years ago, but didn’t have the chance to see them until now. They are now part of the National Trust properties, located in South Staffordshire. A fact that I find fascinating is that until the 1950s people lived there. Also, Tolkien lived nearby and it’s possible he got his inspiration for the Hobbit from them.

01 Rock Houses

Is uncertain how old the caves are. The sandstone was excavated so people could live there and modified during the years, so any previous excavations didn’t leave a mark. The first formal record of the Rock Houses of Kinver Edge was in a book from 1777.

Inside the main chamber there are lots of information panels with pictures of the people who used to live there. There are stories about their life there. Before going there, I thought it will be dark and not very comfortable. But, after reading about them and seeing how they lived, I changed my mind. The houses have charm and there was a sense of community between them. They grew veggies, fruits and flowers, bringing life and colours outside. The views are wonderful too.

It’s a fascinating place and I would love to visit it again.

02 Houses that inspired the hobbit

03 Rock Houses

The children who used to live at a higher level were throwing pebbles in the lower levels’ chimneys for fun.

Another funny story, because the sandstone was so soft someone had to chisel some of the cave ceiling away to fit a tall wardrobe.

04 Rock Houses

05 Rock Houses

Houses that inspired the hobbit

07 Rock Houses

08 Rock Houses

09 Rock Houses

After visiting the rock houses we head up to Kinver Edge to admire the views from the top. The walk through the forest is not difficult and is worth the effort.

10 Rock Houses

11 Rock Houses

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  1. What a fantastic place to have lived (and visited!). I can see the appeal of living in such a house! 🙂

  2. I visited something a bit like this in France years ago. I didn’t know we had similar here. They are fascinating, it must have been lovely and cosy to live in them. Thanks for linking to #outandabout

    1. I never thought of them as creepy 🙂 But I image they can look creepy too, maybe they have a special event for Halloween 😀

  3. Wow these are amazing! I can see where Tolkien took some inspiration from that’s for sure, what curious and quaint little dwellings!

    Sarah 🙂

  4. These are on my list of places to go! Look amazing and how unique. Don’t we have some fab places on our doorstep? 🙂

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