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Holiday in Italy

Holiday in Italy – where I’ve been is what I’m going to blog about in the next 3 months. Yes! It will take me 3 months to blog about the highlights, as I’m not blogging daily and I will have other posts to blog about too. As our holiday was for about 2 weeks, it’s understandable why I have so many things to talk about.
My posts will be about a specific location, such as a museum or a restaurant, or they will be a round-up post on a city, where I will link back to the locations I already blogged about and I will share highlights from that city, beautiful parts of the city or just quick reviews of places (in a few pictures or a collage or two). In addition I will make a few posts, about 3 or 4 on my thoughts and tips on Italy, from what I found interesting, to renting a car, or what vegans can eat in Italy. All but one restaurant that I am going to blog about are vegan, I will not blog about where we stayed because with only 1-2 nights in each location I would have too many posts and also all hotels lacked vegan options for breakfast, so there isn’t something terribly special about them. As it is I have about 30 posts planned, some of which will be pictures-only or with short descriptions, just in the interest of saving my time but still remembering the places I’ve been to. I mentioned before that my blog is a diary, so while I hope it will inspire and/or enchant my readers, I want to have a sort of a record of where I’ve been.

Holiday in Italy

Here is a list of the cities&places I’ve been to in Italy: Monza, Verona, Venice, Padua, Bologna, Imola, Ferrari Museums in Modena and Maranello, Milan, and, lastly, in Bergamo, just before taking off. With so many places, it’s clear why I have so many things to talk about, isn’t it?
As you can see, there is a heavy F1 focus in our holiday, with 2 racing tracks and 2 Ferrari Museums, one of which included a tour of the Ferrari factory. Visiting Ferrari was one of the items on my bucket-list. But even if you are not an F1 fan, these places would be interesting to discover. Ferrari is very much about Enzo and his legacy, the street cars and their vision, even more than F1. As for the tracks, I think both are well worth a visit and I’m glad we visited both as they are presenting the tracks in a very different way and that’s fascinating. The non-vegan restaurant I will blog about is related to Ferrari too, or I should say to Michael Schumacher, which was somewhere I wanted to go for years.

Besides F1, the places I went to are museums, of course. Science museums, Duomos (cathedrals), and castles. There are two special places in Verona I will talk about, the Arena and Juliette’s balcony. I hope you will enjoy the posts.

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  1. We both love Italian food, so this would be a dream holiday for us. It is the one place I guess I have always regretted not visiting, if I am honest and although my husband has been several times, it was always for work!

    We have visited Austria and Switzerland, so although we have experienced the whole ‘lakes and mountains’ adventure, the food in either of those countries is not particularly inspiring!

    I love the idea of you sharing your personal diary and look forward to following your adventures 🙂

    1. Thank you. 🙂
      I’ve been to Austria too, but only in Vienna, so I didn’t see the lakes and mountains, which is something I know I would love.

  2. The one thing I don’t associate with Italy is vegan food, so it’s great that you found so many – fab idea to break everything down into separate posts rather than one long one!

    1. It was unexpected to find so many vegan foods in Italy, I loved that and it will hopefully improve more in time.

    1. It’s been a wonderful holiday. I think you will be surprised by the restaurant reviews and the round-up on vegan food, I know I was. :))

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