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This week there were a few good things as always, but I kept postponing writing the post because I was busy writing other things and working and thought I might skip it this week. Then I remembered that the weekly “good things” post is on the goals for 2015 and it’s February… so here is the blog. I’m sure in a few weeks, when I’ll read this post again, I’m going to be happy I wrote it. Good things that happened this week:

7 good things

1. We’ve started to do things in the house. There were a lot of small things we didn’t have time to finish, with the Christmas time and a very busy period at work. This week hubby did a couple of them and now the list is shorter. Also, finishing something gave us a sense of accomplishment and that feels so good.

2. Taste the world. I blogged about this new challenge and I have to put it on the good things list also. I get so excited over cooking and food that a friend said I should be a Chef if fancy another carrier change.

3. Chinese new year parade. We are going to the Chinese new year parade in Liverpool. To celebrate, I’m going to cook Chinese, as I did it a couple of years ago, in 2013. Last year we were away and we’ve missed it. We wanted to go to Manchester too, but it rained and my knees hurt.

4. My hubby and my dog. I’m happy I mention them often, as we live together and it’s quite important to enjoy our company 😀 The dog makes funny things and licks my nose, can’t be upset with that kind of affection, can I? Also, hubby was very careful with me this lasts days while I had some health issues (the knee problems mentioned earlier, nothing major, just a stupid thing from my part).

5. I’ve applied for a library card. It should arrive in a few days and I can’t wait to go at the new William Brown Library and Museum. I’ll ask hubby to take some pictures when I’ll go to read books, the building looks lovely.

6. Espresso machine. The espresso machine I received for Christmas is perfect, I love the taste of the coffee, is so much better than the coffee from a coffee maker. I drink a couple of mugs of coffee every morning, I also drink a couple of mugs of tea after lunch and Chai was my favourite this week.

7. Business cards. I ordered business cards for me, as a blogger. It was very exciting to make them… actually hubby made them, but I was standing near his laptop, watching everything with an eagle eye…
Now I can only hope they will arrive in time. So far we didn’t have major issues with the printing company and we are ordering from them once in a while.

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  1. Ohh, I’ve always wanted business cards but wasn’t sure if it was ‘too soon’ ha!

    Corinne x

    1. I know how it is. The cards are a marketing tool, to give to friends that don’t know about the blog or in other situations, where I meet new people. I’ve read this advice a few times and still made them for a blogging event 😀

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