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St. Andrews

St. Andrews is an University town north of Edinburgh. It is where Prince William and Kate Middleton met, on campus, while both were studying there. It’s also a gorgeous town that worths a visit. We went on the first day we arrived in Scotland, so we didn’t had the chance to visit any museums, as they were all closed. By, despite that, we had a lovely time walking around. Amazingly, there still were lots of tourists in the town.

St. Andrews - building

We’ve spent a couple of hours in the city, walking and seeing the University, the Cathedral, see the pier and the castle. I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures.

St. Andrews - Blackfriars chapel

This is the Blackfriars chapel, what remains of it. The Dominican order arrived in the town in the 1400s and this friary was build in the 1500s. In the 1520s this chapel was added to the friary. 25 books from their library still survive and are now at the St. Andrews University.

Hamish McHamish near Holy Trinity Church

I didn’t know about Hamish McHamish before visiting St. Andrews. So, imagine my surprise to see the statue of a cat near a church. I looked online and saw that Hamish McHamish was quite a star.

Hamish McHamish

There is even a book about him, entitled Hamish McHamish of St Andrews: Cool Cat About Town.

St. Andrews towards the cathedral

 St. Andrews cathedral

 St. Andrews cathedral

St. Andrews Cathedral was built in 150 years, being completed in 1318. At that time it was the biggest church in Scotland.
King Robert the Bruce was there at the inauguration of the church.

St. Andrews castle

The castle was built by bishops, starting in the 12th century. St Andrews Castle was the official residence of Scotland’s leading bishop (later archbishop) throughout the Middle Ages. The tunnels can be explored today.

During the wars with England in late 13th century – early 14th century, the castle was damaged and rebuild. Thus, the ruins we see today were built between 1400 and 1560.

St. Andrews castle

St. Andrews University

St. Andrews - University - student accommodation

These are some of the student accommodation buildings of St. Andrews University. Don’t they look just amazing?

 St. Andrews - castle in the background

St. Andrews

St. Andrews

These are the ruins of St. Mary on the Rock, church built in the 1240s in the shape of a cross, on the site of previous churches. St Mary’s Kirkheugh was a collegiate church, as in a church which housed a college of priests. The ruins were discovered in 1860, as the building was destroyed during reformation.

Have you ever visited St. Andrews?

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  1. I would love to visit St Andrews! It looks beautiful, and I have to say I am intrigued by the fact that it’s where Prince William went to university. Your photos are beautiful!

    Julia x

  2. I’ve heard the cat’s name, but don’t remember the story. I’ll have to research it. St. Andrew’s looks like a beautiful place.

  3. I was all set to be totally in love with the castles and town and then I saw Hamish McHamish and everything else went out of my head! What a fabulous statue — now I’m going to have to look up the story online!

  4. The architecture is stunning! Especially that church complete in 1318. I love that these structures get preserved. What a handsome kitty Hamish is. Those university students are very lucky. St. Andrews is a town I would really enjoy.

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