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Election, anniversary

On 3rd it was election day and hubby and I exercised our right to vote. After carefully considerations and a lot of discussions, we decided who should have our vote.

I know here there aren’t ID’s, but, nevertheless, it’s strange to vote without one, just saying my name and address. The voting is different too, I had to put an “x” with a pencil.

On 4th we celebrated our anniversary. 5 years ago we had our civil ceremony, I called it “wedding number one” (we’ll celebrate wedding number two in less than 2 months, the religious ceremony). Among other things, we went for a half an hour to feed the pigeons in St. John’s park, near St. George’s Hall.





The killer seagull… he attacked a pigeon. I was shocked, but hubby intervened immediately and he saved the pigeon.

I had no idea the seagulls are killing and sometimes eating pigeons, but after that incident I found on google this kind of attacks. They don’t attack very often, but, as usual, strange things happen to me.






A lovely way to spend a half an hour, even with the attack.

The birds are mean, or at least meaner than I imagined. The penguins from Stuttgart Zoo were very jumpy and ready to fight each other, this seagull attacked an innocent pigeon, the gooses from St. Helens were fighting over bread.

Feeding birds can be a real adventure and it’s not suitable for kids or pregnant ladies.