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2019 Goals: blog, personal, travel

I’ve decided to follow the same pattern like last year and write all my goals in one post. My goals are pretty much similar to the ones I had last year and two years ago. No stats when it comes to blogging, no major personal goals, and for travel is just a bucket list and nothing more. I don’t want to add any pressure, but I make these goals for inspiration.

2019 Goals: Blogs

1. Pub & Tea room reviews, every other month. I love going to old and historic pubs and I’ve discovered that there are plenty even in Liverpool that I didn’t see. So, this year I’m keeping my 6 pubs challenge, and hopefully I can surpass it.

2. Style or should I say Fashion & Beauty. If I don’t add it as a goal, I forget to write about these things, despite them being quite important to me. So, they made it back on my goal list. Once a month works great for me.

3. Taste the World and Royal Recipes. In 2018 I had them on my list and I did good, despite not reaching the target. Thus, I’m adding to my goals the same target as last year: 15 new countries for Taste the World and 6 for Royal recipes. I don’t have loads of Royal Recipes, so a small number should be better.

4. Reviews. I will continue with at least a monthly review this year too. I had no idea I will enjoy doing these posts so much.

5. Post regularly. I want to post weekly: 2 times on this blog, 2 recipes on CookStyle, and one or two times on Coffee&Books, depending on how many books I have time to read.

2019 Goals: Personal

1. Go to the gym regularly. Last year I said I wanted to lose weight and I didn’t. This year I want to join the gym and go there at least once a week. Maybe I should say 52 times a year, as I’ll miss some weeks, when I’m away. My husband and I had a chat at our local gym and, after we get back from London we are going to join in.

2. Sew more or do more crafty stuff. I had a few things in mind last year. I can only hope that I will be able to do them this year.

3. Make 5 from 40 before 40 list. In 2018 I managed to do only 2. I should do more if I want to actually make everything on that list.

4. Read 75 Books. Last year I’ve read 85 and the year before 60, so 75 is a doable number. Check my reading challenge if you want to see more.

2019 Goals: Travel

1. London. I’m going to London this month and next month too, so it’s not hard to mark this as done.

2. Wales. I haven’t been to North Wales or Wales in general as much as I did in the previous years, so I will add it again to my list.

3. Scotland. I’ve been adding Scotland to my list for the last years, but we’ve ended up making our holidays down south, like Cornwall and Bath. Hopefully this year we’ll have at least a short trip to Scotland.

Do you have any goals this year?

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  1. Lots of good goals! I definitely want to do more crafty stuff this year- I’ve failed somewhat to do that in recent times. I had NOTHING on this weekend and I’ve done NOTHING!

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