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Veggie Republic

This will be a different kind of review for Veggie Republic, mainly because we’ve been there three times so far and only now I’m talking about them on my blog. So, I will include, at the end of the post, two pictures from the other two times we’ve been there and where you can find them, if you fancy a meal. Just to let you know, they are doing the awesome government initiative Eat Out to Help Out. We are booked at Veggie Republic for dinner next week and I can’t wait!

Before talking about the food, I should talk a bit about them. It’s a vegan restaurant with an amazing array of different dishes. While I did not think that I will go out after the lockdown restrictions were eased, I was wrong. I’ve been to the Cat Cafe and Veggie Republic and I booked for each week of August somewhere. Seeing how everything works, I consider restaurants and cafes to be safer than supermarkets or shops, with easy to follow social distancing rules and they also clean after each customer had their meal. So, I’m prepared for a fantastic month ahead, with delicious food. With the exception of Cat Cafe, all the others are vegan or vegetarian establishments, because these are the places I want to support with my hard-earned cash (contactless doesn’t have the same ring to it).

Fish and chips

I ordered fish and chips. It’s the second time I order it because I just love the taste. The fish is banana blossom and it has a very fish-like texture. The taste is gorgeous. It comes with chips, sauce, and delicious mushy peas with mint. I would gladly eat this again, but I think I will try something else next week, as I want to sample more of their dishes.

Gyro Pizza

My husband went for Gyro pizza. He had gyro before, a kind of fake meat, and he loved it. I had a slice of pizza from him and I can easily understand why. It’s so good. We would buy this if it was available in the supermarket.

The food arrived fast and it was so good. We were not sure if we should get desserts, as in the previous two times we were too full for desserts. This time we made sure we didn’t snack after breakfast, so we asked for desserts too.

Salted caramel cake

I picked the salted caramel cake and that was delicious, very moist and the cream was so flavoursome. It came with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. I would have this again, that’s for sure.

New York Cheesecake

My husband decided to try the New York Cheesecake and it was very good. We’ve sampled each other’s dishes as we always do and I’ve enjoyed the smooth texture of the cheesecake. You wouldn’t say it’s not actual cheese. I loved it.

January meal: fish and chips and hot dog

On the January meal, when I’ve had a celebration of my 12 years of vegetarianism, I had fish and chips and my husband had a hot dog. Both were really nice, although we might not order the hot dog again, just because their other dishes are even more delicious.

October meal: Burger and Gyro wrap

October meal, a surprise from my husband, for our anniversary (we have a few of those): burger for me and Gyro wrap for my husband. Both dishes were so good and this is why we keep going for meals there again and again.

Veggie Republic is at 16 Cook St, L2 9RF, Liverpool. You can chat with them and also book over their Facebook page. They are located in the city centre, so on-street parking is not widely available. There are some multi-storey car parks nearby and it’s much better to park there. If you are using public transport, then is close to many bus stops.

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  1. That looks delicious. And I agree, I think a well-run restaurant is actually safer than a grocery store.

  2. If I lived near you, I think I would love this — it’s so good they are being safe and responsible and the photos make the food look fabulous!

  3. Mmmmmm, all of this looks so utterly scrummy!!! Wow! I’d definitely love to try this place!
    I’ve had some incredible meat substitutes in recent times that taste and feel very much like meat- we had some amazing plant-based bacon and Chicken tikka from the Milkman and these fantastic Little Willie sausages from the Coop which are from the Vegetarian Butcher, we also tried their No Cluck Chicken and that was really tasty too!

    1. In the last couple of years so many fake meat options appeared and they are amazing. Try, I love their THIS ISN’t BACON. On top of that Vivera, Oomph, Tofurky, and many others, and all delicious. It’s really amazing.

  4. I agree with you. Restaurants are generally less crowded and more safe than supermarkets. It is always good when there are vegetarian and veggie dinning options. I’m not a vegetarian, but I like to have options.
    This Veggie Republic restaurant seems like a great place to eat. Gyro pizza seems like a nice option. The cake looks yummy.

    1. It is a lovely place indeed. With the amount of options and the quality of the food, nobody would miss meat in any of these dishes, if that person was not veg*n, of course. 🙂

  5. If only I had places like this near me!! It all looks SO good. I remember having a vegan cheesecake at a restaurant in Minneapolis a few years ago that was divine.

    I look forward to seeing the reviews of the places you’ve booked in future weeks.

    1. I am sure you’d love this restaurant and even meat-eaters would enjoy them too, as the fake meats are so well made that one can sense no difference between these and the real thing.

  6. Wow your meals look so good! And it’s incredible that it’s all vegan. The pizza looks delicious, and I don’t doubt your review – it must have been!
    I wish there were more restaurants like that!
    Enjoy your next outing there 🙂 x

    Julia x

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