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October was a fun month. We’ve had lots of celebrations. On 2nd October it was the anniversary of the day we’ve met, many years ago. I went to Liverpool Fashion Week.

Another fun thing I did this month was to see the donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary. I bough funny slippers and a new iPhone. When it comes to blogging, I took part in a lovely campaign about the things we feel free to talk with our family and friends – TENATalk. I blogged about all of these.

I also enjoyed a fab meal at intu Trafford Centre in Manchester and I’m going to blog about it this month. I visited Football Museum and that is another thing I’m going to blog about later this month.

Yesterday Bake Off had ended. Last year and the year before I baked along at least one of the challenges each week, this year I didn’t because I don’t like the new line-up. I don’t think the new presenters are a team like Sue and Mel, not keen on a few of their jokes either. I was a bit annoyed of the constant compares with Bake Off and “this is the most amazing cake in the whole Bake Off series”. I feel it is not as it was before and I miss the old Bake Off and Mary and the challenges and the excitement I had before.
Besides the Bake Off, F1 was a bit annoying too. Lewis Hamilton was crowned 4th times world champion with 2 races to go. I’m not a fan of Lewis, but I think he fully deserved the championship. He was a better driver, more mature and confident. Vettel acted inappropriately a few times and made stupid mistakes, his actions made him lose the championship. Verstappen was amazing, I hope the Red Bull will have better cars next year to have a chance for the championship. Some annoying things happened too, like Verstappen getting a penalty when others did the same thing and didn’t get anything, in US, then in Mexico, Grojean got a penalty while Vettel didn’t.

Last month was very busy work-related, my volunteer work and with blogging too. I have many plans for this month too. I have some interesting books I’m keen in reading. I have a new volunteer position for a special project. I’m very excited about that project too.

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  1. I quite enjoyed this years Bake Off, more than I expected to with the changes – my problem was just that by the end I wasn’t really interested in who won as all my favourites had already gone home!
    Glad you had a good October!

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