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No Bull Burgers

These vegan fake meat No Bull Burgers have been in the Iceland shops for a few months, almost an year, I’ve had them a few times and I do enjoy them. So, I’ve decided to talk about them. As it’s not something I can say I cooked I’ve decided to talk about them here, on my lifestyle blog, and not on my food blog.

I’ve been eating fake meats for a very long time, way before I became a vegetarian, because I did enjoy the taste. Now I’m becoming more and more impressed with how good these soya based fake meats are. It’s true that with their popularity it seems that some backlash also appeared. For me, I couldn’t be less interested how these are called, I’d buy them even if they would be called “vegan cylinder shaped soya thingy”. Furthermore, soya got some bad rep, although it’s unlikely we in the west could ever eat more soya than the people in Asia are eating.

But, there is something I do agree with, when it comes to fake meats, they might have a bit more salt than a home made burger would have. At the same time, these are very convenient and even more delicious. Because they are from the frozen range, I can have a couple of packs in the freezer. I can make them for a quick lunch, especially as they can be baked instead of made over the hob.

No Bull Burger

This time I’ve served these No Bull Burgers with baked French fries, seed buns, vegan mayonnaise, pickled cucumbers, banana ketchup, and a couple of slices of tomatoes. I know that banana ketchup sounds a bit strange, at least this is what my husband said. I wanted to see how it is and in fact it’s lovely and, strangely, very similar to a tomato ketchup.

No Bull Burger with French Fries

No Bull Burgers, ingredients:
Water, Soya Protein, Concentrated Soya Protein, Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavours, Gelling Agent: Methylcellulose, Spices and Herbs, Salt, Rice Flour, Vegetable Fibre, Dextrose, Colour: Red Beetroot Extract, Paprika Extract.

Have you ever tried No Bull Burgers before?

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  1. I’ve tried No bull Burgers made with tofu but have also now bought the ones with soy in it. I don’t normally buy soy products but I am really interested to see what this tastes like and besides, it’s a quick dinner and once in a while shouldn’t be a problem I think. I like tofu burgers and would buy them again.

  2. My boyfriend loves the No Bull burgers, they’re one of his favourite vegan burgers! His other favourites are the Linda McCartney Pulled Pork burgers 😀

  3. This looks delicious! I don’t know if the brand is sold over here, but I’ll certainly keep an eye out for it. I love soy products.

    Yes, there’s all the hoopla about vegan “butter” and “cheese”, as well as plant-based “milks”. It’s just the dairy industry getting all worked up about nothing in my opinion. Like you, I don’t care what the products are called – I just enjoy them.

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