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Punk Pasta

Punk Pasta is a newly opened restaurant. It’s close to Euston, so it will be a place I will stop by when I’m in London for a day, if I have the time, because it’s fantastic. The restaurant is in a shopping centre.

Punk Pasta

I took this picture before other customers arrived. I couldn’t have pictures of the front of the restaurant as it was busy. The decor is quirky and fun, I like it a lot.


We had to order Aperol Spritz, of course. We are loving this after our holiday in Italy.


My husband had magic mushroom – wild mushroom papardelle in creamy sauce, which was really nice. It had a vegan white wine sauce and the pappardelle were flavoured with turmeric.

I had tofu in satay sauce. The tofu was crispy and the coconut milk satay marinade was delicious. We also had some lovely cheesy garlic bread. The food was delicious.


For dessert we had panna cotta, which was perfectly made. The passionfruit panacotta was served with a pistachio praline. I liked this so much, I would order it again.

We also had a lovely time, as the staff was very friendly and we chatted with an Italian about different kinds of foods and vegan options. It was very nice.

Punk Pasta is in 4 Brunswick Centre, London, WC1N 1AE. It is close to Euston and it a very nice location. The foundling museum is nearby and well worth a visit too.

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    1. It’s a fully vegan place. I rarely post about non-vegan restaurants, so I forgot to mention that it’s plant-based.
      I loved the food there, it’s really nice.

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