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9 Favourite Recipes

In this post I will talk about 9 Favourite Recipes. Although, more precisely the post should have been entitled something like: Taste the World – 9 favourite recipes from the ones I tried for my Taste the World challenge, so far – but sounds like a mouthful. Of course, all recipes are shared on my food blog and here is the link, if you fancy giving it a try to any of them. I’ve made recipes from 43 countries, isn’t that amazing?! I still have 76 to make and I would have recipes from all around the world. If I want to try a recipe, I will, even if I’ve already made one from that country, so the challenge takes longer, but it’s all about the journey in this case.

9 Favourite Recipes

I will talk about each recipe, starting from left to right, top to bottom.

Houmous – Lebanese recipe – it’s so easy to make that it makes no sense to buy it. Also, you can add exactly the spices you want and any other flavours, like pesto, sundried tomatoes. You can even pop it in the oven. I shared two recipes of baked houmous, so have a look for those if is something you’d be interested in. I eat houmous almost daily because it’s very healthy too. Although I usually don’t pour as much oil on top as it is in the picture.

Mousse Au Chocolat – French recipe, from one of Michel Roux’s cookbooks – is amazing. It’s one of my favourite desserts, especially made with dark chocolate. It works amazing in layers desserts or in a chocolate bomb. I just love it and had it many times in the last four years.

Mushroom Stroganoff – Russian recipe – it’s a vegetarian option of a meat-based dish. Recently I made a vegan version, with soya single cream and it turned out amazing. I will repeat that dish and share the recipe. It’s yummy.

Chaclama – cookies from Oman – made with only five ingredients, of which two are cardamom and baking powder. It is a naturally gluten free recipe as these contain no flour. The cookies are a mix of desiccated coconut and condensed milk. It is a peculiar kind of cookie, but I like it a lot and I made these a few times.

Courgette with Peanuts – Chadian recipe. I searched for an alternative to my beloved spicy mushrooms with peanut butter and I discovered this African recipe. I love this one too and I had it three times in the last two months.

Maamoul – filled biscuits from Saudi Arabia – were one of the challenges at Bake Off which I baked for my Bake Along. Well, I just loved these. I bought special moulds for them and I made them many times since 2018.

Mutabbal – Palestinian dish, sometimes confused with Baba Ganoush – is made with roasted aubergines and tahini. I have this at least once a week. It’s so good. It is similar to a Romanian dish I had as a child, made with roasted aubergines and mayo, but I prefer the pairing of the aubergines with tahini and it’s healthier. So, I’m having this instead. I think I mentioned this one on my blog a few times so far.

Shakarshee – from Armenia – biscuits with walnuts, both in the dough and on top. These are so good and they are very easy to make too. This is another recipe I made many times in the last year.

Smørrebrød – a traditional Scandinavian open-faced sandwich – which was another one of the Bake Off challenges. It sounds very simple, but the simplicity is what makes it so good. The sandwiches we usually have are plain (or at least plainer than this), but, by adding some strong flavours such as capers and spices, the new dish is amazing. I made this at home and while camping too, as they are a great option for something fancy without the need for lots of cooking space.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my selection. As you can see, I’m drawn to Arabic and African flavours in general.

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  1. I printed out the courgette recipe when you posted it and my daughter is looking forward to trying it this summer when her zucchini are bountiful.

    I feel exactly the same way as you do about hummus. I don’t understand why anyone who likes it would buy it in the store. It’s so easy to make (and customize for personal taste)! I don’t put nearly that much oil on mine, either.

  2. So many of these look good, Anca. And quite different from many foods I’ve had before. I need to find the recipes, check the ingredients. I don’t know how you manage your wonderful full life, with all your cooking, reading, traveling and Oxford! I bow down in admiration and joy!

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