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10 Good things

This is my first Good things post for this month, I’m quite busy and I don’t have time to blog as much as I would like. I could easily blog daily, but I have to work too 🙂 So, here is my list of good things:

01 Good things

1. Going to the beach. Saturday we took a few hours off and we went to the beach. The water was warm and I should have taken my shorts to be able to go deeper into the sea. It was lovely to walk on the beach and talk about our plans for future adventures (more on that in another post).

02 Good things

2. Hares on the field. We’ve been on the Formby beach, a National Trust location where they are doing conservation work for the red squirrels and there are also fields between the woodland and the beach.

03 Good things

3. My new pair of Asics. I bought another pair of Asics on my last trip to London and I’m very happy with them. In the last few years I had only Adidas and I would buy from them again, but the last 2 pairs were Asics. We had long talks about trainers because I use to prefer Adidas and hubby loved his Asics; first world problems, I know.

04 Good things

4. Minton Tiles at St. George’s Hall. St. George’s Hall is one of my favourite places in Liverpool. It looks amazing, there are a lot of events there and it was the first building with air conditioning in the world, that’s cool. In the Great Hall the tiled floor with handcrafted mosaic of more than 30,000 tiles is concealed to allow dancing and events at the prestigious venue. It was concealed in the 1860s and it is unveiled a week or so every year. We’ve been to see it.
It’s beautiful, but I feel the fee is slightly overpriced as unless you book the 1-hour guided tour (ÂŁ10, just to see them is ÂŁ2.5) there aren’t any info about the tiles displayed somewhere. Nevertheless, it was lovely too see them.

5. Cooking. I bake along with the Great British Bake Off, at least one challenge every week and I love it. I bake things I never baked before and it’s challenging. So far I’ve baked a Madeira cake and biscotti, both recipes are amazing and I’ll bake them again. I also take more time to cook and my lunch is getting more complicated. I love getting in the kitchen and start creating a dish as it gets along, is my favourite style of cooking.

05 Good things

6. The bird feeder is pigeon approved. Our pigeon family approved the bird feeder. I was wondering if they will like it, but here is the prove. I’m very happy, as they are incubating their eggs and hopefully we’ll be able to see baby-pigeons soon enough.
Is funny we didn’t get a couple of hens, but we have to feed the “wildlife” twice per day.

7. Hubby’s home cinema. I never thought I’m going to add this in my good things list, but I do. He bought the AV receiver from Richer Sounds. He also bought tweeters and the loudspeakers and some crossover thingies and a lot of other things I have no idea what they are. He bought the wood and the cut it to size, he padded the interior of the speakers with wadding as this is important for the sound. Well, finally all 4 speakers are finished and I have to admit they look nice.

8. Having smoothies for breakfast in the garden. On a sunny Saturday morning, drinking smoothies in the garden before the morning walk with the dog is bliss. I love our garden so much, there are glimpses of wildlife, a butterfly flying around, a bee looking at the flowers. I find it peaceful and relaxing.

9. The bookshelves in the living room. It took us a lot to decide what kind of bookshelves to have, as we workout there and we have to store the weights. Bespoke was the only solution and it’s finally done and I can display my books. I’m so happy about it.

10. New projects and ideas for work. I love my work and I have so many ideas that it gets so exciting. It’s such a wonderful time for me, I know I want to do a lot of things and I only have to plan them and that’s the easy part.

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  1. I’m so tempted to buy asics the next time I need some new running shoes.

    I want to go to the beach too.

    Corinne x

    1. I would recommend them as this is my 2nd pair and I’m very happy with them. Next time I’m in London I’ll look at their trainers again, as we park near a Asics outlet and the prices are amazing.

  2. So many great things to be thankful for!! I love how nature is so prevalent in your enjoyment.x

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