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Exercising at home

I talked on my blog about exercising at home many times, from the 5 minutes workout to Insanity (I’m not at the fitness level I was back in 2012) and to VR (I have another set right now). In 2019 I tried to workout at the gym, but the unpleasant staff made me want to avoid them and the place with the nice staff was a bit far, so we went there less. Last year with the pandemic we did not have the opportunity to go to the gym or pretty much anywhere. I gained some weight and this year I plan to lose everything I’ve added from last year and a bit more. So, a couple of weeks ago I’ve started a new working out regime, at home.

exercising at home on music

In my goals for this year I mentioned that I plan to have at least 100 workouts this year and, so far I made 14 workouts, which is great considering that most of these were in the last three weeks.

First of all I went back to basics, what I like to do. I love listening to Latino music and I love weight training. It’s unlikely I will ever run, more than for a race I’m preparing and even for that I’m not too keen on preparing. I was not keen on going to the gym and it showed, I made excuses not to go. This time I will not try to do something that I don’t like.

I’ve selected songs on youtube that I like and I keep my workouts short, for the beginning. 10 to 15 minutes or about 4 songs is just about the time I need to start working out. In the first instance I’ve started small, with squats and push-ups. Last week I did 4 workouts of 60 squats and 40 push-ups, and another workout of table tennis, at home, which is so much fun that I didn’t notice how 30 minutes went by. I also did a short VR workout, but I did not include that one too, as I already did a workout on that day.

This week my plan is to raise the number of squats I’m doing to 75 and keep the push-ups at 40. The following two weeks I will go for 75 squats and 50 push-ups. My aim is to have 4 workouts each week and another workout of something else, if I fancy, like table tennis while in lockdown or VR. When we can go back to playing tennis at our club, we are going to do that. It doesn’t matter too much that we are in lockdown, I wouldn’t have planned to play tennis outside when it is so cold anyway.

From March I plan to keep up with the push-up routine and see if I am still doing squats or anything else. Listening to music makes it much more fun.

Tell me about your plans to workout, if you have any. I would love to hear what everybody else is doing.

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  1. Well done you for coming up with a plan. I am afraid I don’t exercise in an organised fashion at all. I am used to having to cycle for the train to work (used to be walking before that). At the moment, I have been making myself go out for walks which I do a lot of days, even though it is often dark when I’ve finished my school work for the day- only a few miles but I really like doing it. When the weather gets a bit better, I want to cycle some more. I really like the cycle ride to Paglesham- it’s 12 miles return journey so I hope to do that a few times. Today, we had a 5-6 mile walk along the river which I really needed.

  2. It sounds like you’re on track with your exercise routine. I know some might disagree with me, but I’ve always believed anyone who really wants to work out can do so at home (if they’re motivated enough). There are plenty of imaginative ways to work out, both for cardio and strength/weight training. Unfortunately I’ve developed some health problems in recent years, so my exercise is limited to walking. I like to think the terrain I cover is fairly challenging, making it better than nothing.
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    1. I agree. I workout at home many times, even when we had less space. Our living room has furniture only close to the wall so we have plenty of space for workout or playing with the dog.
      I’m sorry to hear that you have health problems. Walking is very efficient. This is why I gained weight during lockdown, as I did not eat more, but we walked less, as we couldn’t go to visit places like before. I didn’t even realise how much that helped with my fitness.

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