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Festus on Holiday

You might read “Festus on Holiday” and wonder if the family pet should have a holiday. I think he needs a holiday. At home Festus “has” to guard the house from all sorts of dangers, like the postman who keeps coming a few times each week. That is a job and a pretty demanding one, as he needs to pay attention non-stop. On top of that, we have a strange window on the wall. We humans call that a television. Well, from that window you can see many things that grab your attention, like people talking, noises, explosions, sometimes someone preparing food, animals running, you can see even dragons. One (dog) can look at that window for ages. Also, checking from time to time if the guys running in front of that window suddenly appear in the garden.

Festus in the Camping site

In the kitchen there is a jar with treats, and Festus needs to do stuff to get those. That is another task in a very busy life. Should he bark at the delivery guy for a treat or try to give the paw in the hope of getting something tasty? Figuring out the best way to impress is a full time job in itself.

Besides all that happens in the house, the two walks taken daily provide new things to worry about, like if you can catch the neighbour’s cat.

 Festus playing

Festus playing

As you can see, a dog needs his holiday. On holiday, Festus does do a bit of guarding, growling at a new neighbour parking his/hers caravan/campervan near us. But after that initial growl, he knows that they are our neighbours, so is not necessary for him to pay any attention to them.

 Festus sitting

Festus playing

Festus playing

Festus playing

While away, a dog can relax, sniff new places, play a bit more (that is somehow debatable though), don’t have to do loads to get some of those treats that are in a travelling jar this time.

Festus in the caravan

Festus in the caravan

As a bonus, because we are caravanning, it means we are living in a small place all three of us. That is what makes the holidays even more special.

Festus in the camping site

After our week away, we are going back home.

Festus in his cage in the car

He even enjoyed his new shiny cage. It is big and comfy. Just great to sit in and admire the views while the other members of the family are packing up the rest.

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  1. My 2 labradors love coming camping with me and my family. Pets definitely need time off too!

  2. He looks a big softie! What a lovely dog. I have recently started house sitting and looking after other peoples dogs was a massive bonus

  3. This post is hilarious! Such a fun way to write it. Of course Festus deserves a holiday, he seems to be such a good dog! 🙂

    Julia x

  4. I loved this post!! So glad Festus got to have a holiday, too. He’s a busy boy and needed his recreational time. 😀

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