National Wedding Show

I’ve asked hubby to take pictures so I can show them to my mother and I’ll blog about them as I loved trying on wedding dresses.

We are married, but we are going to do a Vows Renewal. Although, technically it will be a wedding as we’ve got married twice and we never said any vows. In Romania the couples have to get a civil wedding before going to church. At the civil wedding we were asked if we want to get married and said yes. We’ve got the marriage license and that was it, I wore a white 2 piece suit, not very romantic I may add. The wedding ceremony at the orthodox church is different than the one at a church of England or catholic church… again, no vows. I think we should say a vow, a promise to each other.

We’ve been to the National Wedding Show at the NEC to have a look. I had no idea how much is a wedding cake, how much is an invitation, a cake topper and so on. It was a very productive day, we have some ideas and the most important one is that it will take a lot of time to plan everything exactly as we wanted.

01 National wedding show

I had a ballgown at our wedding, slightly bigger and all white. Considering that, I wasn’t prepared for the emotions that rushed in when I stepped in front of the mirror. I had no idea I can feel like that after all this years of being married. It made me even more convinced that we should get married again. Hubby was a little emotional too.

02 National wedding show

Not exactly my favourite dress. It was strange, I loved it when I looked at it, I loved it when I saw it again on the hanger… didn’t like it at all on me. The A-line style is not for me.

03 National wedding show

I tried a dress on sale. It was a lovely dress, but I wouldn’t like to buy a dress of the shelf. I would like to make small changes or at least being sure it will fit very good.

04 National wedding show

The 4th dress I’ve tried on had a lovely cleavage (not sure it’s called a cleavage as there was some lace on top). As it was a size smaller, it was quite uncomfortable.

05 National wedding show

The last one was the type of dress I planned to try on before leaving home. I think this style is much more appropriate for a wedding in my 30s. I loved the way it felt, the way it looked.

My first thought when I saw myself in the mirror was: “Wow, I am beautiful”. I’m not terribly modest, that’s one thing, but this should be any bride’s thought when she is looking in the mirror.

06 National wedding show

Adding a veil, as my assistant insisted, made a huge difference. It transformed a beautiful dress in a beautiful wedding dress.

07 National wedding show

I tried it with a longer veil, to see how it looks and I think it’s better with a shorter one.

08 National wedding show

The veil had beautiful details.

I still ponder if I would like to go for a mermaid dress of a ballgown. I love both of this designs for different reasons. I always felt a wedding dress should look like a ballgown, very traditional of me. At the same time I’m thinking I looked great in the mermaid style. It will be a very hard decision to make.

A few pictures from the catwalk. Enjoy.

09 National wedding show

10 National wedding show

11 National wedding show

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  1. I wish I’d gone to a proper wedding boutique to try dresses on but I was too scared to fall in love with something expensive. In the end I had the designer dress of my dress…via Ebay!x

    1. For my wedding, I tried only dresses within my budget. It was quite small budget, as we were buying our flat at the same time. I looked at more expensive ones, but didn’t put them on, to be on the safe side 🙂

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