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What’s cooking… in the caravan

This month I’ve decided to make a little twist to my What’s cooking post. I wanted to share what I cooked in the caravan. I love cooking, the hob has 2 burners and I have an oven too (didn’t try that one though, something to do next time), so there wasn’t any point in getting ready meals or takeaways (especially as I don’t particularly like them). I don’t have pictures of everything I cooked while we were on holiday, but pretty much this is it. We also had desserts from a local bakery and from the supermarket.

01 What's cooking in the caravan
In the morning we usually had grilled cheese with tomato salad. On that day I had a warm rocket salad that I made with some leftover salad from the evening before. Breakfast must be accompanied by a cup of black coffee for me, tea for hubby.

02 What's cooking in the caravan
For lunch, in one of the days, we had mushroom pasta with soft cheese sauce. The pasta took only 20 minutes to make. While the pasta was boiling, the mushrooms were frying on a frying pan. I mixed everything together and added some spices and that was it. I used light soft cheese, so it was a lower calories option.

03 What's cooking in the caravan
For another lunch I’ve made risotto with turmeric and paprika. I used another tub of low fat soft cheese to give it its creaminess. It was a side dish for pan fried halloumi.

04 What's cooking in the caravan
As for dessert, I made pancakes.

It was easy to organize the ingredients before going on holiday. I bought a few plastic jars and I took enough rice and pasta to cook a meal. I have another couple of jars with flour (white and wholemeal, I could have made a mix, but I’ll keep that in mind for future trips). It was easy to have everything prepared and all the meals took less to prepare than to go and order/buy something from the local supermarket.
I bought an oil spray and it’s fantastic. I thought it would spill if I get a bottle of oil, so the spray was the better alternative. I would have liked to have more veggies, but the fridge is quite small. I think it’s a little smaller than an undercounter fridge.

05 What's cooking in the caravan
I got 4 small jars that I used for spices. I thought and decided to get sea salt, black pepper, mix of herbs (basil, parsley and oregano) and mix of spices (turmeric, paprika and garlic powder). After I’ll finish the mixes, I’ll create other mixes with what I would normally use at home.

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  1. What yummy dishes! I love the look and sound of the mushroom pasta, I will give it a go at home 🙂 x

  2. What a great idea to take everything in little pots, I wouldn’t think of that and take the full sized versions. It looks like you made some great meals in the caravan, the mushroom pasta looks lovely! x

  3. I was just wondering are you veggie by any chance? I love anything with cheese in so all these get a yes from me!

  4. This is such a great post. I did a lot of camping and sailing when I was younger and my parents only had two hobs like you – it was a challenge to cook different things, but it was also quite fun being experimental.

  5. Looks like it smells amazing in your caravan. I’d like to see what you whip up with your spices! 🙂

  6. I think this was a great idea, often people struggle to find things to cook in a caravan and your pictures all looked delicious!

  7. Love this idea of caravan cooking. Such a good idea to take everything in little pots, just like you might do with beauty products when you travel, it works the same way for goods and spices! I think meal planning is key when it comes to the caravan if you want to cook most of your meals!

    Sarah 🙂

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