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Our Easter

Yesterday was the Orthodox Easter. For us, the religious celebrations mean traditional food, spending time at home, having quality-time as a family and getting presents. This year we got a lot of chocolate eggs, taking advantage of the offers we found before and after the British Easter.


I dyed eggs again. This time I had 4 colors, so I boiled 16. A lot of eggs for 2 people, but we’ll finish them in 2-3 days.


I baked cozonac. It’s a Romanian traditional sweet that it’s made at special occasions. The cozonac is a loaf, similar to the cross bun, made with milk, eggs and sugar. In the interior I make a special dough with cacao and I put raisins, Turkish delight and walnuts.





Another idea I’ve “stolen” for this Easter. Chocolate eggs in a black-muffin nest with some lemon curd. A strange combination, but I love it.


This is one of the presents hubby got for me. A flower-cake tray. On Saturday we went shopping in the Center and I saw this at Aldi, so hubby got it for me and I had to use it.


My first flower-cake. I’m so pleased with the silicon mould, I think the cake looks great.