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30 days Smoothie Challenge

Last year, in June, I took the Colourful Smoothie Challenge. It was interesting and I want to do it again this year. Last year I didn’t finish the challenge, the last 2-3 days I wasn’t able to make smoothies, but this year I have a plan. I will be away for a few days, so when I can’t use my blender, I will buy smoothies from the supermarket. I’m also thinking of other alternatives, like taking the shaker with me and making a smoothie with natural juice and add things like Chia seeds, cocoa powder and shake it. I’m not sure it will work, but I think it should.

this is a chocolate and orange smoothie I made last year

I will take pictures of my smoothies and I will share them on twitter. If you want to join in for the whole smoothie challenge or just a few days, tag me on twitter and I’ll RT your picture. If you are looking for inspiration, I’ve made a Pinterest board for smoothies last year and I’m going to update it this year with new ideas for smoothies.

This year I will pair the smoothie challenge with a 30 days working out challenge. It will be an easy challenge, only 10 minutes a day. In those 10 minutes I can do push-ups (if you read my blog you know I love push ups), routines that I will find from youtube or apps, running, yoga or stretch. The hard part will be to do something every single day. As I said, I will be away and then it will get interesting to see what I can do to keep up with my working out routine.

Would you like to take part in this 30 days Smoothie challenge? Would you like to take both challenges? Let me know.

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  1. This is such a cool idea! Best of luck with it, Anca, I’m sure you can do it 🙂 I will check out your Pinterest board for ideas x

  2. Ohh this sounds really interesting and I will be looking forward to reading your progress on your smoothie challenge

    Laura x

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