Ready for a coffee-date

Hubby and I had a coffee-date. I wanted to go to local a coffee shop, checked it online to be sure it’s open… and it was closed. We’ve ended up at Costa, not exactly what we’ve planed for, but very nice anyway.


I know it’s January, but there were 9 degrees outside and we took the car, it wasn’t cold.




Good coffee, delicious nice mini-tarts and a very long chat, what’s not to like.

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  1. What a shame about the coffee shop. I usually try to avoid chain cafes at all costs, but sometimes you have to go with it and I am sure it was very nice!x

    1. I try to avoid chains too, this is why I looked for a local coffee shop. It was nice, of course 🙂

  2. I love that jumper, it’s totally my style 🙂 Sorry to hear the coffee shop wasn’t open! Costa is still nice though 🙂

    Corinne x

  3. It’s a shame that the coffee shop you planned to go to was closed, but Costa is always nice. The cakes look cute. 🙂

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