Jousting 2023

Jousting becomes a tradition for us at Easter. We’ve been in 2019 and 2022, with the years in between being affected by covid restrictions. This year we’ve been on day 3 (out of 4), so we saw something different, including training which involves cutting a cabbage while riding the horse or getting some small hoops on the lance, at speed.

Men in armour fighting

The day started at the museum, Royal Armouries Leeds, where we saw the knights fighting. It’s the same as before, but every time is just as interesting as they share details on the armour and so on.


The fools are so funny. I remember one of them, he is hilarious, and his jokes are memorable. In the first year he said, after the show was over: “Well done! You spectated brilliantly.” This year he said: “An hour ago we welcomed you with open arms. Now you are not welcomed any more”, again, after the show was over.

jousting training

The training was so interesting and really hard. It was not easy to hit that cabbage on the pole with the sword.

jousting training

Those small hoops had to be taken with the lance, again, it looked very difficult.

jousting training

jousting tournament

This year there were 3 teams: UK, US, and Poland. We were near the polish side.

jousting tournament

US and Poland competed at the event we’ve been to. There are 2 events each day, for 4 days. I hope I will be able to attend all at some point, but this year I was too busy to be able to do that.

The American team had a woman as competitor, it was unexpected. She did really good and her lance was as big as the men’s. I have to say I was impressed. The lance is heavy and jousting is very physically demanding. Seeing her might entice other women to join (I love the idea, but it’s not something I’m able to get involved in).


I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures.

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    1. It’s so much fun. There are so many things going on. There are some stalls for children, to try their hands at jousting and archery. As they were full I didn’t take pictures to respect their privacy. I’m loving this event.

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