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Pawsome box

I was asked if I want to review a Pawsomebox, a box filled with goodies for Festus, my dog. Who can resist that?! I get so excited when it comes to doggy accessories and toys, almost as much as him. First of all, I love the name of the box: Pawsome, it’s funny. If you have cats, then Purrfectbox is for you.

The box is great, you can chose the size of the dog for which you are getting the box and that is important. As a big-dog owner, I know how hard it is to find the right toys and accessories for him. The subscription is £19.99 for 1 month and it gets cheaper if you subscribe for a longer period of time: 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

01 Pawsome Box
He was obviously delighted he received a box full of goodies for him.

02 Pawsome Box
With a little bit of patience, he finally stood still and we had the chance to take pictures with Festus and the box.

03 Pawsome Box
He looks like he is waiting patiently, but this picture is taken after a few of “no”+”down”+”wait”. He was excited to see what’s in the box.

04 Pawsome Box
The first thing I saw was the Options traveling bowl. It’s helpful for us. We have a traveling bowl that doesn’t spill. We paid £12 for that one and I can’t say I’m 100% happy with it, is not as sturdy as I wanted it to be, but it doesn’t spill even when we are driving. Anyway, that is a big plastic bowl with 2 other accessories that go inside the bowl and it’s only suitable for long car journeys. The one in the Pawsome box is a fabric bowl, it’s more suitable for long walks and short journeys, when we don’t have to leave a bowl 1/2 full with water in a moving car.
I don’t know if this is something that all dog owners have to think about, but if you take your dog with you everywhere, you know how complicated it gets. We also go on trips with the caravan and when we get to the destination, we’ll leave the big bowl inside the caravan and we’ll take this one in the car.
The Options bowl has a string and it’s a good size, I can’t wait to try it.

05 Pawsome Box
Another product in the box is a squicky soft toy. He loved it, obviously. I didn’t love it, obviously, having a squicky toy means he will squick again and again and again, leave it for a while and repeat. It’s not a toy he will play with a lot or only when we are watching TV.

06 Pawsome Box
This is the funniest toy I’ve ever seen: a bum. If you don’t have a dog you might not get the funny part (although I don’t imagine any non dog owner would want to read everything I have to say about bowls and toys and treats).
Festus was puzzled by this toy. He smelled the bum and then tried to figure out where is the rest. His wondering face was so funny. Didn’t got the chance to play with it, as I gave him the other toy.

07 Pawsome Box
This is a minty toy that should help him having a fresh-smelling breath. I didn’t try it, so I can’t say anything about the fresh smell. He likes the ball with string sort of toy, so it will be used.

08 Pawsome Box
GimDog are protein snacks. He took his time to try them, but after he had one of each flavour, he loved them. He does that sometimes, takes his time to see what something is, sniffs, tries, sniffs again, it’s like I’m doing with a new and exciting dish. He usually gets very excited about that snack and he did the same with this ones. After he had a couple of snacks, he started doing tricks on his own so he might get a few more treats. He knows he does not get a lot of treats, as I watch carefully his diet.

09 Pawsome Box
The other snack was sushi. He loved those from the start.

This is this month Pawsome Box. I think it’s good value for money. It’s a nice way to try new products, the dog will surely have a lot of fun and enjoy what is in the box. I also think the box is a great gift for a family with dogs.

After taking pictures and getting some snacks, I gave him one of the toys.

10 Pawsome Box
He started by taking out the label, as he always does. That is something it always makes us laugh.

11 Pawsome Box
This toy was amazingly resistant. He loved playing with it, although the squickiness is not something I’m looking for in a toy. Now, as a dog-keen-on-squicking-the-squicky-toy-mum, I truly understand what happened to the piano I used to love as a child.

This was the Pawsome box for August.

PR sample. All opinions are my own and Festus’s, of course. We loved the box and we hope you’d love it too.

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  1. What a gorgeous dog you have! I’m sure my three dogs would love one of these boxes – I’m off to check out the website for more details 🙂

  2. What a cutie! That look on his face of “ok, I want in the box right now. No waiting”, too cute!

    It’s so handy to have a travel bowl that can be easily carried around like that one.

  3. Oh your dog is just adorable and if I had a dog I’d love to buy this box for him or her:-)

  4. What a great box – oh my goodness he is gorgeous! He posed perfectly for your pics! Kaz x

  5. Your dog is beautiful by the way. The box sounds like a great idea and you get quite a lot inside. X

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