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In our household, Easter is all about food, decorated eggs, movies, a walk in the park and trying to convince hubby that we need a couple of real bunnies and not only the ones on the cards. Attending The Small Animal Show this year made me more convinced about the latter. From this year I can also say that Easter is about funny socks.

01 Easter

I don’t think it comes as a surprise, I’ve decorated this egg freehand. Hubby said I should mention it was done by a 2 years old, but we don’t have any so I had to step up and admit that it was my own masterpiece.

Last year I dyed the eggs, they looked great, but the colouring penetrated the eggshell. So, this year I thought I’ll try another method, using a set of stencils. Well… let’s say that was not at advertised.

06 Easter

07 Easter

Now let’s move on to the more important (and nicer) stuff: the food. Hubby took pictures and I’ll post the recipes on my new cooking blog when it will be ready.

02 Easter

For starters: The eggs, mashed beans with tomato relish, creamy leeks, Stilton & feta, olives, spicy peanut butter mushrooms, cheese salad with smoked paprika, cheddar & spring onions, homemade bread.

03 Easter

04 Easter

05 Easter

This year I made the Hot cross buns and they are so much better than the shop-bought ones.

08 Easter

As main: pomme puree with black pepper and herb crust halloumi, a cheddar crisp and avocado oil. It was delicious!

And now, the desserts. I have to admit we had dessert a few times yesterday.

09 Easter

Dark chocolate cups with coffee cream and crushed caramelized hazelnuts on top

10 Easter

Coffee cream eclairs with dark chocolate

11 Easter

Dark chocolate swirl with mango sorbet and hazelnuts praline

As you can see, I’ve used the coffee cream and dark chocolate in different ways. I didn’t have a lot of time to cook so it was much more easier to create desserts like this.

12 Easter

13 Easter

14 Easter

The funny socks I’ve mentioned before.

15 Easter

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  1. Hi Anca! How are you? Well,,I hope. You had a remarkably well-fed Easter. The desserts AND savouries look very tasty. Mmmmm, I’d like to eat the Halloumi. I love that cheese!!
    You made me laugh with your 2year old comment. Ha!!! They look very pretty in their simplicity and colour choices. X

    1. Thank you Kezzie x I appreciate a lot the comment about the eggs 🙂 I hope I’ll have time next year to dye them in a very traditional way, with onion skins.

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