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Since the latest good things post, lots of nice things happened, some annoying things too, but what’s the point in talking about those. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to Harrogate to see the Small Animal Show, like last year. Let’s go back to the good things and happy moments. Tomorrow I’m going to London, so a new post about that will follow soon.


1. I lost 4 pounds and 6 cm. I started my diet on 28th December and in 1 month I managed to loose 4 pounds and a total of 6 cm (a little over 2 inches). I couldn’t be happier considering there were lots of celebrations this month.

2. New sofa. Hubby and I ordered a new sofa 5 weeks ago and it will take another 5 weeks (or even 7) to get it, but it’s exciting to know we are going to get it. It will be a little smaller than the one we have now and I hope I will be able to fit a house plant next to it.

3. TV. I try to see as many TV shows as I can, there are so many I love. I might have to make a special post about them. There is Britain’s Next Top Model and documentaries about Egypt and nature. I also like Trust me, I’m a Doctor.

4. I won a giveaway! I participated in a giveaway hosted by Lucy – BakingQueen74 and I won a lovely cookbook that is all about Olives. It’s the third giveaway I win and I’m so happy about it. I don’t participate in giveaways very often, but when I do, I really want the prize.

5. Halfords. The car needed some new brake discs and hubby decided to book with Halfords. We’ve changed the tyres with them last year and, again, they were great. The service was fast and I really can’t fault them. They had an offer with pads for life, so the next ones will be exchanged for free. I’m not sure how much it was, but hubby was happy with the fee.

6. Restaurant. I was invited to Jamie’s Italian. I enjoyed the food and the service was great. I really enjoyed it.

7. Flowers. I planted some bulbs in pots in the garden and another two are on the window sill in the kitchen. I hope they will grow and bloom in the summer.

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  1. All good things! Getting a new sofa is always exciting even if you do have to wait weeks for it. I’m also watching Britain’s Next Top Model – have you got a favourite? x

    1. I don’t have a favourite yet. One episode I think I like one of them and next one I think I prefer another :))

  2. Thanks for reminding me I need to get planting some done. Spring bulbs are so beautiful – when I manage to look after them!

  3. Ohh yes we got a new sofa last year and it was so exciting! Glad there have been lots of happy things recently 🙂

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