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Goals for 2021

I hope 2021 will be a more predictable year than 2020. Even so, I will set up some goals, even if I will not be able to achieve them. The goals are in three categories: blogs, personal, and travel.

Goals for 2021: Blogs

1. Post regularly. My goal is to post all book reviews on Coffee&Books. I hope I can publish 50 recipes on CookStyle, new or old recipes which I will veganize. Lastly, I want to publish a post on ancaslifestyle once or twice each week, so about 75 posts.

2. Vegan or Vegetarian restaurants, every other month. I will add the target for 6 new restaurant reviews this year, new ones or ones I’ve been to before.

3. Vegan reviews.I subscribed to the Vegan Kind Lifestyle box for the next 6 months and I plan to review it each month I get it. I might continue to get the box for the following six months too, but I’m not sure now.

4. Style & Beauty. With less chances of going out this year, my aim is 6 style and beauty posts.

5. Taste the World. As I don’t know how much time I have this year, I will aim for 6 new recipes for Taste the World.

6. Read the World. My aim is for 6 new countries for Read the World, a challenge I am starting this year, details will follow soon on my book blog.

7. Reviews. 9 reviews are the target for this year.


Goals for 2021: Personal

1. Exercise regularly. I will double the amount of workouts I plan to do this year, to 100. I can play tennis from Spring and I can do workouts in VR too. I got a yoga mat and I will exercise at home too, yoga or other workouts.

2. Sew. Another goal that appears each year. Hopefully this time I will do something more interesting than face masks, like last year.

3. Make 5 from 40 before 40 list. It’s a standard goal for me, to do 5 from the list.

4. Read 100 Books. Last year I managed to read over 100 books, so this year I set up the same goal. With my studies I don’t think it will be difficult to achieve this goal.

Goals for 2021: Travel

1. Merseyside. I live in Liverpool, so adding Merseyside as a travel goal might seem a bit strange, but, even if we are getting into tiers and have restrictions on travelling, I can still visit some of the places I love but haven’t been to, like lovely villages in the Wirral. Some of the locations I am thinking of are outside and we can avoid people, so it’s a covid-safe activity to do too, while the rules allow it, of course.

2. 5 new flags to the UK map. I hope that in the summer we are going to do a bit of travel. 5 new flags it’s a very conservative target for me, but, well we have no idea what 2021 will bring.

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  1. I love your list. It’s ambitious, but I think do-able. I especially like the one about visiting more places in the UK. We sometimes forget all that is a little closer to us!

  2. You’ve got some great goals. You are one of the most disciplined and motivated people I have ever come across so I can quite sure, if you are physically able to, you will achieve your goals.

  3. Some great goals for 2021, Anca. I think you’re absolutely right about visiting more of the places we live in. You never really think about exploring your home town or village but when we’re allowed to move around again, this is something I’ll be doing for sure.

    1. Thank you Lisa. I visited most of the tourist attractions in Liverpool when I moved here, but that was years ago and many of them would be almost “like new” 🙂

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