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Why you should NOT drive before these doing 3 things

With a lovely summer on the way, we are doing more and more trips. Last month we’ve been to Oxfordshire for a short holiday, now we are thinking of having some days out, especially during the weekends. Also, we’ve been kayaking and that involves an hour drive to the beach and back. So, taking care of the car is very important. The last thing we would want is to end up stranded off the motorway, in the heat, with the picnic basket filled with goodies in the back.

Why you should NOT drive before these doing 3 things

These are my tips on what to do, before going to a long drive.

1. Do not drive unless you’ve checked the exhaust
Blocked exhausts can cause a lot of problems, but this can easily be repaired at Ossett Tyre House.* If the exhaust pipe is blocked, it will not allow the engine to “breath”. That can cause a drop in performance and fuel economy. A blockage creates pressure in the exhaust system. Furthermore, if the exhaust pipe is completely blocked, the engine will stall. The heat will not be able to escape, heating the engine more than it should. The engine will stop. This usually happens when the car is driven at high speeds, like on the motorway.
That is surely something nobody wants to deal with on a beautiful day out with the family. It might seem that these things might not happen often, but we’ve had some issues in the past with the exhaust system with the first car we’ve had.

2. Do not drive unless you’ve checked the tyre pressure
The second thing you should consider, but most people don’t, is the tyre pressure. The pressure is calculated on the amount of air that is pumped into the lining of the car tyre. It is measured in PSI, or pounds per square inch, or BAR.
You can see the correct tyre pressure for your car on the manufacturer’s website. It is recommended to check the pressure every other week, if you are driving regularly.
Tyres usually become under inflated. This means the tyre will have an uneven contact with the road and, obviously, it will wear out on the edges. Another problem with under inflated tyres is that they loose their efficiency, meaning the car will consume more fuel. Not only that is not eco-friendly, but it also involves paying more for fuel.
Under inflated tyres is not the only problem when it comes to tyre pressure, over inflated tyres have their own issues. The small contact with the road, means that the tyres lose traction and the car will stop later when braking. The tyre will be worn out on the central part, meaning a shorter lifespan for them.
So, check the tyres, and make sure they have the correct pressure.

3. Do not drive unless you’ve checked the oil levels
Lastly, the oil level should be on your list of things to check regularly. The oil is sometimes refereed to as the blood of the engine. The oil lubricates the engine’s moving parts, ensuring they will not wear off quickly. In addition, the oil keeps the engine clean, preventing dirt build-up. Also, it helps the engine not overheating. As you can see, the oil is very important for the life of the engine.
In the owner’s manual you can find all the details on how to check the oil levels. Top up with oil if is necessary. Also, make sure you are changing the oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations too.

If you keep these things in mind, you’ll not have problems with your car and you’ll be able to enjoy lovely, hassle free, trips.

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  1. I’ve got to drive to Newcastle next week, which is a good 3 hours drive. So in preparation I’ve taken my car for a service at my local garage so they could check all of these important things for me, because I don’t have a clue!

    In the end they found lots of issues that needed addressing, like a new tyre, but at least I now have peace of mind before the long journey.

    1. Hope they will sort the car out in time for your trip. xx
      Tyres are so important and need to be checked regularly. We’ve just repaired one as it got a screw in it and it was deflating.

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