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Cream Dream

I love everything about Cream Dream! It is a new patisserie in London, very close to my university, KCL, in the Covent Garden area. It is 100% vegan, high-end patisserie. On top of that, it is owned by an Ukrainian refugee, a woman who is creating the most wonderful desserts. On top of that, all the staff is made up of Ukrainian refugees. As we spent a few days in London this week, we went there twice and tried a few desserts on each occasion.

They will make more desserts, including macaroons and eclairs. I saw on Instagram more desserts from them, so I will go there again. I never had anything similar since I went vegan, so I’m loving this place.

All the desserts are, as I said, vegan, but also sugar-free, and gluten-free. If you want to visit them, the address is 46 Bedford Street, WC2E 9HA. You can also follow them on Instagram.

Cream Dream

The place looks absolutely wonderful. There is a small place for kids and a doggy bed for the furry friends. How wonderful is that. The map of Ukraine looks beautiful, with lights behind it. With all the pink, it’s perfect for Instagram photos.

 Cream Dream decor - cotton

Cotton (bavovna) is a symbol of resistance against the russian aggression. So, it was nice to see this as decor too. There are a few tables downstairs and more on the first floor. But, there were quite a few people on the first floor, so I didn’t take any pictures.

Desserts at Cream Dream

That coffee-caramel cake was amazing. I had it both times.

cakes and tea

Our first order was of Buckwheat tea, which is fantastic. I would love to buy some, but they didn’t have this option at this time. The patisserie opened only a few weeks ago, so there are still things to consider. I hope they will decide to offer bags of this tea, because I would definitely buy some.

coffee cake

Coffee cake, with a smooth mousse and all sorts of layers of goodness. My husband and I both loved this dessert and ordered it again on our second visit.

lemon cake

The lemon cake was amazing too. The mousse was delightfully sharp. The gel and cake and the coating, all were just fantastic.


We tried one of the Tarts too. It had a gel inside and the pastry was perfect.


On the following day we had Carpathian meadow tea. It looks wonderful and it was nice, the one my husband preferred.


I also had the Currant-chocolate tart, which had different layers as well. It was delicious.


My husband wanted the pistachio tart, which he liked. It was nice and rich, different than the tart I had. None of their desserts are  particularly sweet, which is what I was expecting.


This is me in front of the patisserie. It was raining, so I had my scarf as a head-covering, which is my preferred option instead of an umbrella.

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    1. I should do a post on Ukrainian memes. The cotton one is very interesting.
      russians used “clap” instead of “explosion”, while in Ukrainian clap and cotton have the same spelling, so now cotton is a symbol of resistance by mocking the russians. The British ambassador to Ukraine, Melinda Simmons, has cotton on her desk and often appears with it in photos. She appeared with a bouquet of sunflowers and cotton flowers on Ukraine’s Independence Day.

      I think you would love this patisserie, with all those yummy desserts. It’s so wonderful for vegans.

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