Choosing a Reliable Car Dealer

In the last 10 years we’ve had a few cars, bought, rented, and even a courtesy car while ours was in the garage after being hit from behind. Our first car, bought a little over 10 years ago, was a used car. We were so delighted that it was the same model and colour as the one we’ve previously rented for our wedding, which meant it was a sort of an impulse purchase. Well, that proved not to be the best way of choosing a reliable car dealer. We had all sorts of issues with the car and it was in and out of the garage. We sold it after a little over a year. This is why is important to get full car history on second hand cars available at KAP Brighton showroom ( I think sometimes is worth traveling more to get exactly the car you are looking for.

After the ordeal with the first car, we’ve decided to buy a new one. I have to admit that wasn’t the best option for us. Soon after we’ve bought it, we got our dog. New car and new puppy at the same time doesn’t reduce stress levels. We thought the car will be suitable for us, but, with a huge 110 pounds Rottweiler in the back, we didn’t have enough space. He was taking all the back seats, with the cover on, it meant nobody could actually fit in. I liked a few things about the car, especially the front seats. Being a more of a sports car, it was extremely comfortable, even on long trips. We’ve had it for a few years.

Choosing a Reliable Car Dealer

We’ve decided a new used car (pun intended) was the best option for us. The thought of losing a couple of thousand pounds on that first drive from the dealer was not compensating having a new car. This time though, knowing the problems we had before, we did our due diligence and we picked a reliable used car dealer. We went to see the car, had a drive test, talked with them about the car, looked at the paperwork. It took us a week, maybe even a bit longer, to decide. We weren’t pressed by time, so we’ve waited until we were sure everything was right.

It was the best choice. After buying the car, an estate this time, we bought our home. Having a car that we can use any time was vital. During the refurbishment we used it a lot, clearing out the house and transporting our stuff, new flat-pack furniture. I think we were able to do all this because the car didn’t let us down.

If you are considering getting an used car, make sure you are choosing a reliable car dealer. It will save you a lot of time, money, and stress in the long term. A car is a huge expense for most people, the second higher after the house, so spend the time to ensure you get what you want.

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  1. We just bought a new car. We travelled to Kent to the dealer because he seemed to have the best Ford Focus in that price range. Ironically, we have had so many problems with it so far!

  2. We are looking for a new used car, our old car is starting to fall apart, so this is a very useful post. I’ll certainly be following your excellent tips for finding a reliable used car dealer.

  3. This is an important post because there are SO MANY car dealers out there- it’s almost that shadiness is a prerequisite. Love the tip about not being afraid to travel for the right car. We will be in the market for another next year so I’ll keep these tips handy.

  4. I agree with travelling to get the right car. We travelled four hours to get ours and it’s been great. Sadly, it’s now time to start looking for a new one!

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