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A day in London with my husband

I’ve mentioned in the good things post that we are going to London for another fair. I had to take advantage and wear my new cashmere poncho and the weather was so nice and warm, perfect for my plans.

01 London

In front of Olympia, after we’ve been to Pure, ready for a walk. We had a few hours, so I’ve changed my shoes with boots and went in South Kensington to visit the museums.

At the fair I had a pair of comfy shoes from Roman Originals. My husband took some pictures at the last stop before arriving to Olympia.

02 Poncho outfit

03 Poncho outfit

04 Poncho outfit

05 Poncho outfit

I was looking at a bird of prey, trying to determine the species. Too far to be able to identify it.

06 Poncho outfit

After the fair, we left the car in the car park and took the tube. We were aware the chances of finding a parking space in the center is almost impossible, on a lovely day and in the weekend. We’ve tried this last time and we’ve ended up driving around, but at least we saw more things, so it wasn’t bad.

Well, after changing the tube only once and not spending too much time gazing at the tube map we arrived at the Museums. As all 3 are free, we’ve decided to go to all of them for 30 minutes – 1 hour, just to have a look. We knew it was impossible to visit a Museum in detail and it was the first time my husband saw them.

First stop: V and A, one of my favourite museums. Seeing a display of Victorian dresses is always a great way to start a visit.

07 V and A

08 VandA

We had a look around, we’ve stopped at the gift shop and left for another museum.

Victoria and Albert was quite crowded, but the Natural History Museum was even more packed. At the main entrance it was a big queue. We decided we don’t have time to wait, so we left and we were lucky to find another entrance which was empty. So we got in.

09 Natural History museum

For this escalator is was another queue, so again we’ve decided to skip it even thou it looked so interesting.

10 Natural History museum

I love fossils and I try to convince my husband to go on a fossil hunting trip to Lyme Regis. Obviously I didn’t have success so far, but I’m still trying. Who knows? Maybe in a couple of years I’ll have a huge fossil on the wall in my living room.

11 Natural History museum

All the people that are near the dinosaur, after the blue barriers, are waiting for the dinosaur collection and the queue was continuing on the corridor. We had to skip this too, but I understand why there are so many people as I saw the collection last time and it’s really impressive.

12 Natural History museum

We’ve passed by the dinosaurs and went to the Cocoon. It’s so beautiful and I had to see the butterflies. 8 stories of insects and butterflies, a massive collection and only a few butterflies are on display at it is a research facility. As we were in the weekend, the labs were empty, although people (including us) waited for a bit in hoping we’ll be able to see the next great scientific discovery.

Next on the list is, obviously, the Science Museum. It’s very handy to have all 3 museums in neighboring buildings.

13 On the street London
ingenious recycling

Science Museum was what attracted my husband the most. He is into Science and we’ve been to MOSI in Manchester and Think-tank in Birmingham, definitely would not recommend the latter.

He liked the Science Museum from London. I am more attracted by the lovely steam engine and other old engines, he prefers the space exhibits.

14 Science museum

The globe was interesting, I’ve noticed it last time too. There is a projection and it was telling something about airplanes, but it was too crowded to stay… recurring theme, isn’t it?

15 Science museum

I think we need at least 1 day to visit one museum. Not only the exhibits look amazing, but the architecture is amazing too. I’ve read on a blog (sorry, no link, didn’t save it) about the architecture of the NHM and I paid more attention this time, good thing as it is really beautiful.

16 Royal Albert Hall

I took a picture in front of The Albert Memorial and I saw that at the Royal Albert Hall there were Cirque du Soleil representations for a few more days, I would have loved to see it.

It’s a shame it takes us almost 4 hours to arrive to London, it’s very tiring for a day trip. We should book a holiday to be able to see more, but there are so many places I want to visit, from the Scottish isles to Devon and Cornwall.

We left for Liverpool and on the way back we saw a sign to Silverstone. I checked on the GPS and it was only 20 minutes from the motorway, so we’ve made a detour to see the entrance.

17 Silverstone

In a month the new season of F1 is starting, we can’t wait.

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