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My birthday

A few days ago I’ve celebrated my birthday. I received an amazing gift from my husband, and we had a lovely day out.

Cake with drinks, a bunch of flowers and candle

First of all, I’m going to start talking about the cake. I made Tschumi’s Chocolate Cake. It’s a cake made by a Swiss chef to the Royal Household, called Gabriel Tschumi. He made this cake 100 years ago for Queen Mary’s birthday and from that day, this is the Royal birthday cake. I love its story and, after trying the cake, I loved it too. Have a look at the recipe if you fancy trying it.

Gifts, a book and a chocolate birthday card

My husband bought a book for me, something that is always appreciated, but this book is a very special book. I’ve read it when I was a teenager. I think saying that it changed my life sounds a bit much, but this is what happened. I knew I wanted to study Psychology before that, but, after reading the book, I realized that I enjoyed learning about concepts too. The book also made me question things I thought before. I can’t wait to read this book again. My husband said he is eager to read it too.

Besides the book, my husband gave me a lovely chocolate birthday card. I’m yet to try it, as we had a very chocolatey cake, but I will try it soon.

Street in Malpas with a Tudor house

We picked a small village in Cheshire and we went for a walk. I took many pictures and I’m going to do a separate blog post about the village.

Street in Malpas, a village in Cheshire. Beautiful old houses with ivy.

While it was cloudy, the weather was quite nice and warmer than we’ve anticipated. We both enjoyed walking around, seeing those beautiful old timber houses, stopping at the church and admiring the craftsmanship.

Horse eating grass from the hand

How cute is this horse. He is so friendly, just opposite the pub we were heading to. He wanted grass or he wouldn’t have come to us. His friend didn’t even bother to look at us.

Horse looking at the lens, eating grass

Table at a Victorian Pub in Cheshire

We had a light lunch at the pub and we went to do a bit of window shopping. I wanted something, but the jeans didn’t look good on me and I didn’t want to spend my day trying a lot of pairs.

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  1. Happy birthday!
    Looks like a great celebration day – your cake looks delicious!
    I love the friendly horse too!

  2. Happy birthday Anca! Sounds like you had such a lovely day, and a very thoughtful present from your husband as well! The cake looks really yummy, and thanks for sharing the story behind its creation!

    Julia x

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