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Portobello Market

This week I’ve been to London and I went to Portobello Market. I saw many posts about it and it looked fab, so I was curious to see how it is. It was a weekday, so it wasn’t packed with sellers, but even so it was really interesting. The Portobello Road Markets started in the 19th century and have become London’s leading antiques market. The market attracts in millions of visitors every year.

01 Portobello Market

In the 18th and 19th century, Portobello Road was a country lane that connected the districts of Notting Hill and Kensall Green. Until the 1940s, Portobello Road market was like the other markets, selling food and essential items. In the 40s more ‘rag and bone’ men started selling their wares and antiques. In time, antiques have become what Portobello Road Market is best known for. Saturday is the main trading day. There are still stalls and shops selling fresh food.

There are 5 areas in the market, for secondhand goods, clothing and fashion, household essentials, food and the last area is with antiques.

02 Portobello Road Market

03 Portobello Road Market

04 Portobello Road Market

05 Portobello Market

06 Portobello Road Market

07 Portobello Market

08 Portobello Road Market

09 Portobello Market

10 Portobello Market

11 Portobello Road Market

12 Portobello Road Market

13 Portobello Road Market
We stopped for coffee and these delicious desserts. One is with custard and the other one is with dark chocolate.

Have you been to Portobello Market? Do you like it?

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  1. I do like it there. My orchestra does concerts at St Peter’s Church nearby there so I am often there!

  2. I’ve never been to one, but it looks amazing and all those vintage stuff…wow. I’m in love @_@

  3. I always like to wander about places like this (when they are quiet) but never buy anything 🙂

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