Château d’If

Château d’If is my first post on France. I am still on holiday, but I have my laptop with me, so I took a bit of time to process the pictures and write a short post on this wonderful place. Most likely my next post will be a picture-only post. Château d’If is in Marseille. […]

Kraków Barbican

Funny stuff and walk through Krakow

Funny stuff and walk through Krakow is my last post from Poland, from this visit, because I will go back to Poland. So, the funny stuff first, although not all can be seen as funny. Also, I will talk about Krakow and Przemysl (border town). First of all, I will start with transportation. It’s time […]


Rynek Underground Museum

Rynek Underground Museum is a new museum, opened in 2010 on ancient history. It is very nice, underneath an old market square. The museum has a lot of interesting artefacts on display, quite a lot. I would suggest allowing for 2 hours to visit. If you plan to see all the clips, which have English […]

Kościół MB Częstochowskiej w Krakowie

Churches in Krakow

Only when I reviewed and photoshoped the pictures for this post, Churches in Krakow, I realised how many churches we saw. So, instead of having a lot of pictures from each, I made quite a few collages. Even so, there are 18 pictures in total. In 2 days of visiting, this is impressive. The main […]

Communism museum

Communism museum, Krakow

I am sharing today pictures from the Communism museum in Krakow. It showcases different aspects of everyday life and also two bunkers, which were supposed to protect people from a nuclear blast, but were made too thin and too close to the surface to be of any use. See more here.

pizza at The Oxford Blue

The Oxford Blue

The Oxford Blue is a new vegan pub in Oxford. They just opened, in late March, and we’ve been there a few times. We had a meeting with the Vegan Society and I also went there with my husband a few times. Because it was busy when I arrived for the first time I didn’t […]


May 2024

May was an exciting month. I finally had my graduation from the 2-year course I finished at Oxford in 2021. Amusingly, I had my graduation from KCL last year, studies I could only undertake because I finished my Oxford course with a good grade. I’ve decided to wear my Vyshyvanka from Ukraine because of my […]


Signs of war in Ukraine

Signs of war in Ukraine is my last post on my visit in Ukraine last month. I wanted to show how beautiful Ukraine is, how rich its culture is, before looking at the signs of war. I did share a few things that where related to war, but this post is focused only on war. […]


Walk through Kyiv

Walk through Kyiv is a round-up of pictures I didn’t share before, from Kyiv. I shared quite a few pictures from Kyiv in previous posts: Holodomor Museum, Pechersk Lavra (almost 1,000 years old church), I shared pictures of the burned russian metal and how Ukraine remembers its heroes. Saint Sophia is one of the most […]

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra or Kyiv Monastery of the Caves is an impressive church which is so worth visiting. It was established in 1051 and it is an Orthodox monastery. When we visited we did not have time to see all the museum displays and the lady from the ticket office gave us a simple ticket […]