Ukrainian feast at Cream.Dream

Ukrainian feast at Cream.Dream

Last year I blogged about the cute new patisserie opened in SOHO. They had lots and lots of vegan desserts, all amazing as you can see here. This year we had a lovely Ukrainian feast at Cream.Dream, as they expanded their range to include traditional dishes. I will talk about everything we tried on the […]

Charles I commemoration

Charles I commemoration

We went to London on a day trip on a Sunday and, just by chance, we ended up a few minutes before the parade for Charles I commemorations took place. We were very lucky. Charles I was executed on 30 January 1649. For the next decade Oliver Cromwell managed to make life miserable for everyone, […]

vegan formal

January 2024

I started the second term at Oxford, it’s called Hilary, which is the patron-saint of lawyers (funny, isn’t it?). I am back in Oxford, being very busy with all sorts of lectures and seminars, formals, socials. We went to London for a day and watched the commemorations for Charles I, which I am going to […]

Mac and cheese

Pastan Manchester

I blogged two years ago about Pastan. At that point they only had one restaurant, in Barbican, here is my review. We’ve been there quite a few times when we were living in London. In the meantime, they opened 4 more restaurants, in Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, and Barcelona, Spain. We went to Pastan Manchester before […]

Aberystwyth Castle


I few days ago I talked about the vegan options in Aberystwyth and today I will talk about the town. It is situated in mid-Wales, on the coast. It had about 16k citizens at the last census. Despite its size, it has quite a few tourist attractions on offer. It is both an university town […]

Vegan in Aberystwyth

Vegan in Aberystwyth is a round-up of the places we’ve had our meals while on a trip to Aberystwyth. There aren’t any fully vegan places, so no individual posts. That being said, there are many vegan options and we both enjoyed the food a lot. Aberystwyth is a wonderful place for a holiday and we […]

La Traviata

La Traviata

This week I’ve been to the Opera House in Manchester to see the wonderful La Traviata performed by the Ukrainian Opera & Ballet Theatre Kyiv with international soloists, highly-praised chorus and full orchestra. I was very keen on going to see Ukrainian artists, at this difficult time, to show our support. I’ve seen La Traviata […]

goals for 2024

Goals for 2024

These are my 2024 goals! They are very much like the ones in 2023 for the large part. Goals for 2024: Blogs 1. Post regularly. This means all books reviewed on Coffee&Books, a few recipes on CookStyle, and at least 4 posts a month. So, that means 52 posts on ancaslifestyle. 2. Reviews for Vegan […]