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Knowsley Safari Park, June

After a few months in lockdown, we were finally able to visit Knowsley Safari Park, in the last day of June. I was so excited to visit them again. From this weekend the lockdown will ease ever more in England (Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland go at different speeds).

We planned to have a picnic and the picnic areas are really good, with their own parking space and plenty of space between them. It didn’t rain, but we were not sure, so we’ve had our picnic at home, before leaving for Knowsley. I prepared a rather fancy picnic with potato and pickled walnuts salad, Chinese bamboo shoots with straw mushrooms, and mutabbal (aubergines with tahini). I also baked bread (mini-breads) and a sweet loaf. It was lovely and I might make this again, for another picnic, when we’ll be sure the weather behaves itself.

Knowsley Safari Park - Rhinos

Now, let’s talk about the animals. Many of them looked a bit tired, as you’ll see in the pictures, having a nap or relaxing. We booked tickets after lunchtime, so they might have had their lunch and decided on a siesta in the afternoon. But, others were full of energy.

Knowsley Safari Park - Rhinos

Knowsley Safari Park

She wasn’t fazed at all that there were cars passing by. It was a bit difficult to go around her and not touch the grass, as she was standing in the middle of the road, busy to rearrange her feathers.

Knowsley Safari Park

Monkey selfie

The monkeys were so vivacious and happy to see the cars. Knowsley opened a couple of weeks ago, but the monkeys were still alert and happy to go on the cars. I never saw them so excited to see the cars, showing how much they missed them (I think they couldn’t care if humans were in the cars or not, the cars are the attraction) during lockdown.

I am chuffed that I took this picture, with my phone. It seems like the monkey is taking a selfie, a fashion selfie, just perfect for a trendy monkey’s Instagram account. I love it.

Monkeys at Knowsley Safari Park

As you can see, the cars are offering the perfect spot to chill, if you are a monkey, that is.

Monkey family

Mothers and fathers with little ones are not joining in the fun. They are too busy caring for the little one. Usually is the young males who are busy destroying the cars (I’m sure that doesn’t come as a shock).

Monkeys playing at Knowsley Safari Park


The skill the monkey have to remove bits from the cars is amazing. This is our wiper, from the rear screen. To remove it, my husband showed me, one needs to push, switch, and press. It is a 3-step process, but the monkeys are so well versed that it took a matter of seconds to remove it. Any of them could be hired at Halfords for wiper changes. Luckily for us, the wiper was left on top of the car and I was able to retrieve it after we left the monkeys enclosure.

The monkeys were so keen on cars that they were staying on them till the last moment. A keeper was checking each car. A monkey jumped from a car in front of us and then jumped on ours, just before we could exit. They missed the fun and games, and also the mental challenges the cars bring. Those wipers aren’t going to remove themselves.

Knowsley Safari Park - Moose

The Moose was relaxing a few metres from the road, watching us pass by. He usually spends his time further from the road and it is not as easy to spot.

Knowsley Safari Park - Lion

The lions were not bothered by us at all, and they were very busy with each other.

Knowsley Safari Park - Lion among cars

Knowsley Safari Park - Lioness

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Knowsley Safari Park - Tiger

The tigers were sleeping too, hard to spot in their huge enclosure.

Knowsley Safari Park - Meerkat

The meerkats were popular, as always.

Knowsley Safari Park - Steve

Finally, a picture of Steve. I forgot to check the name of his breed, as I know him by name. He is a fun character at the Flights of the Talons display. You might remember the plastic snake episode I recounted back in February; if not, here is the link.

Some parts of the park are not open, where social distancing is harder to maintain. We couldn’t see the bats, all shows were cancelled (sealions, birds of prey).

I’ve enjoyed my time at Knowsley as always. I just wish they would consider adding some good vegan options for snacks. For example, we could buy some sorbet, but no vegan ice-cream, despite it being widely available in shops. For an animal charity, lots of vegan options should be the norm, considering that many of the species in there are almost extinct in the wild due to land clearances to grow animal feed (for livestock).

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  1. I’ve not been to a safari park since I was a very, very young child. I think I’d like to! It sounds great fun. I am not surprised about the young male monkeys nor about the Windscreen wiper. When we went to Cape Town, South Africa, we went to the coast for New Year’s eve and the baboons pulled off my friend’s windscreen wiper!

  2. This looks very similar to Longleat Safari Park which is just down the road from us and has also recently re-opened. Flora and I will be going back shortly – it’s a lovely change to be the one behind glass instead of the animals! Lisa

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful day out to the safari. I haven’t visited this one yet, as I heard that the monkeys like to take your car apart! I can’t believe the lions are walking around the cars as well, beautiful but a bit terrifying at the same time! Love the monkey selfie, its a great shot!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo

  4. I really liked all the photos in this post. That’s a funny monkey “selfie” shot!

    You really would think they’d have mostly vegan and vegetarian options considering the purpose of the park. I’m glad it’s open again and the you (and the monkeys) enjoyed your visit.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one (my husband agrees, but it is obvious we will quite the same about these things anyway) to believes that they should have (more) vegan options.

  5. What a lovely afternoon at the safari park! The animals must have felt a little strange, not seeing any cars during lockdown. The monkey “selfie” is so fun, you got the perfect shot! And it is so impressive to see the lion just walk around the cars… Even surrounded by machines, he still looks like the one and only king of the kingdom! Thank you for sharing! Also your at-home picnic sounded delicious!
    Have a great weekend Anca 🙂

    1. The lion feels impressive and powerful. It is always a treat to see them.
      Have a great weekend too. xx

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