Gifts for Christmas at Metquarter

It’s almost November. While I always wait until the middle of November, after my birthday, to actually buy things for Christmas, I like to look and think of ideas. I was delighted to be invited at the Christmas Press Day to see all the fab gifts for Christmas at Metquarter. If you are from Liverpool, is likely you already know Metquarter, a luxury shopping centre with well-known stores. There is also a SPA, the Sassoon Salon, a few places to have something to eat.

Gifts for Christmas at Metquarter

It was easy to get into the Christmas spirit with a glass of bubbly and with lovely Christmas decor everywhere. I had to pick a few pictures and even so I managed to have 14. Let’s start to talk about the gifts for Christmas at Metquarter.

Gifts for Christmas at Metquarter

Lots of jewellery, something that I think is great as a gift. It can be personal and meaningful without being too personal.


Sassoon have their own products. I used some of them and I’m really pleased. I might make a post about their heat hair protector, is very good. I think Christmas is the perfect time to try something new. They do offer gift vouchers too and that would make another wonderful gift.

Jack Willis

Jack Wills have a very good offer right now, 3 for 2. That means a better price for a neat set or smaller gifts. Their products look really nice.

Gifts for Christmas at Metquarter

My husband loves TM Lewin, he has shirts from them, he has suits from them too. In the background you can see a flower arrangement from MQ flowers, the flower shop at Metquarter. I always admire their flowers when I’m at Metquarter. They look stunning.

TM Lewin

Going back to TM Lewin, they have 4 new white shirts, including this one that has such a lovely texture, matched with the Liberty print tie. With their current offer of 4 shirts for £100, it’s amazingly good value for money. One of the new shirts is non-iron, so that is very handy too, when travelling.


Paperchase has these cute notebooks. It would be a great gift for a blogger, useful and a lovely piece of prop for pictures.

made .com

I like the made .com furniture a lot and they have accessories that would be great gifts too.

Gifts for Christmas at Metquarter


Another great gifts are available at MAC Cosmetics. I liked this palette of different lipstick shades.


Their glittery new makeup is stunning. I like it.

At Mococo I saw their ChloBo range and the jewellery would make a wonderful gift. I received a pair of earrings from them in the goodie bag and I’m going to share it on social media soon.

Pretty much these were the things that stood out for me, but there are plenty more things to get from Metquarter.

When it comes to food, I loved ice-cream cones filled with mulled wine cream and topped with marshmallow, and the Christmas macaroons.

Are you looking forward to buying Christmas gifts?

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  1. How cute are the Christmas macarons? Ive barely thought about Christmas this year but I better get my skates on, it’ll come around quick! x

  2. I sadly didn’t get to go to go to any Christmas press shows this year. I love going to them, they always put me in the Christmas spirit.

    Corinne x

  3. I am so excited to start buying Christmas presents, I just love the build up to it all – seeing the Christmas lights and doing lots of Christmassy things! I love the look of the Paperchase sequin notebooks as well, they look so cool!

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