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Imola Circuit

Imola Circuit is a must if you are visiting northern Italy and you are an F1 fan. I’ve loved seeing the circuit, with a guided tour. We were driven around the track, stopped and walked to see the track better. Unlike Monza, where the track tour is very fast, driven at speed, the Imola track tour is all about the history of the place. I enjoyed both approaches and it works better like that for those who visit both places.


We went with a minibus on the track, where we stopped and we were told about the history of the place.


But, before that, we met the famous Formulino, who is an influencer with over 14k followers on instagram, you can follow him here. Lewis Hamilton is a definite fan of Formulino, as videos emerged of Lewis petting Formulino. He is very popular with the journalists too.

Start at Imola

Imola circuit


Seeing the track so closely is fascinating. The track looks much smoother on TV than it is in reality.

Imola track


This is where the stewards decide to go for an yellow flag or a red flag and is also where the penalties are given to drivers and teams. It must be a strange way to watch the race, while seeing only the run-off areas. It’s also much clearer why it takes long to decide on a penalty, as they need to see the relevant footage and they do not see that in real time. It’s fascinating stuff for sure.

Imola podium

This is the podium, very exciting to see, of course.



The park is open and it has a very special feature.

Memorial for Senna

Senna’s memorial is, judging by the flowers, flags, and the others who were there when we visited, very important. There are special commemorations each year and the memorial was placed in the park so it is available for anyone who wants to see it, even if the circuit is closed.

Memorial for Senna


There is another memorial, dedicated to Roland Ratzenberger, who had a fatal crash at Imola the day before Senna did.

I would highly recommend visiting the track, it is very special indeed.

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    1. Aww :)) He is cute. I follow him on instagram, he is very into racing, goes to check the cars in the garages and often is given a press badge.

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