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My July

I have to start my post by telling you about a dream I had: Festus, my dog, was King of England and his uncle, Aksel, was trying to over-throne him. The funny part (as it’s not funny enough that I had this dream) is that he might have an uncle Aksel. I asked the owner of one of his aunts and she wasn’t able to tell me the names of the rest of the litter. But, it’s possible, as all of Festus aunts and uncles have their names starting with A. I could ask his breeder, but he will think I’m going batty, so I will refrain myself. Of course, the dream was only natural after reading so many historical fiction books by Philippa Gregory. I should take a break from history for the next couple of books, so I can clear my head, but I borrowed another historical book from the library. This month I’ve read 8 books.

I made 5 bags of stuff and I took them to different charity shops. I wanted to do that for a long time and I managed to do it. I had all sort of things at home that I didn’t use and most of them were new, only a couple of books were used. I hope the items will raise a bit of money. I only wrote this in a hope it will inspire my readers to do the same. If you have something you don’t use, don’t keep them in the cupboards like I did.

01 My July

This month we did a lot of things. I blogged about my weekly shopping. We’ve been to lots of amazing events: British Style Collective, Foodie Festival at Tatton Park, Paladone Disney Quiz Night, and The Labyrinth Challenge, I will blog about it in a couple of days. I also ran a 5k in Sefton Park. I went to two pubs and we saw a couple of beautiful small towns.

02 My July

Last month also meant seeing cute squirrels. For the first time, I had one in our garden. I couldn’t take a picture of her as I didn’t have the camera ready, but it was lovely to watch her jump around.

My July

I shared most of these pictures on Instagram. On 11th I had issues with the laptop and it seemed it took ages to solve.

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  1. Funny dream! But why not ask the breeder in case? I wish I knew more about my dogs’ relatives. I’m pretty sure I’ve come across some of my old dog’s relatives over the years.

    I really need to sort some of my cupboards and donate to the charity shops. I have too many clothes that don’t fit – and are never likely to fit ever again! There is NO point in keeping them!

    Also toys! Too many toys!

  2. That’s such a funny dream!
    I need a big charity-shop clear out – mainly books I’ve amassed over the years, I have way too many! That’s my plan for the weekend, I wonder how many I’ll bring myself to part with! 😀

  3. We have loads of squirrels in Edinburgh and I always stop to look at them, as they’re just so cute!x

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