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Knowsley Safari Park, November

We managed to go for a quick tour of Knowsley Safari Park in November, just before the lockdown. Enjoy the pictures!

car at the safari drive

deer with baby



monkeys on car

monkey in the back of the car


monkey enclosure




lioness details





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  1. This safari park looks great. The animals are always a sight to behold, aren’t they? I love animals, all kinds really- the wild ones and the domestic ones, the tamed ones, the pets and the untamed. They are all precious in their own way.

  2. That first shot does a great job of providing perspective in just how large those camels are! What’s the animal right before the monkey photos begin? Some sort of wildebeest?
    As always, you captured some wonderful photos!

    1. It’s wildebeest indeed. I plan to get a map with stickers when we have good weather and to identify all the kind of deer and cow-like animals, because now it’s a bit fuzzy how they are called.
      Thank you. It’s amazing how many great shots we got in only a 45-50 minutes drive-through.

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