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Knowsley Safari Park. September 2021

We’ve had a lovely time at Knowsley and today I’m sharing lots of pictures from the drive-through.

Knowsley Safari Park. September 2021

How funny is the camel waiting for cleaning team to finish. This is the yak food station, but the camels are seeing it as an additional food station for them. The yaks stay away if the camels are eating there.

Animals at Knowsley








The lions were sleeping like this at only a couple of metres away from the road. They were not bothered at all by the cars passing by.


Yak with baby

Yak with baby



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  1. Given that we only live a couple of miles away from Longleat Safari Park, I can’t actually remember the last time we went there! I think it is because it is so pricey for a day ticket at over £30, when we have other wildlife parks around which are better value for money. We had thought that to celebrate a post Covid Christmas, we would treat the family to a day and evening ticket for their famous Chinese Light Show, but unfortunately they have just cancelled that again this year for logistical reasons.

    We have never got up as far as Knowsley, but it does look lovely there, so who knows? maybe one day!

    You always manage to get some great shots and I take it your car didn’t get destroyed by the monkeys! 🙂

    1. The memberships are great value for money here too, while an individual visit is very expensive. As we visit each month, most of the times a tour of the drive-through which takes 1h or even less, it’s worth it. The Christmas events are interesting, but last year it was tricky with covid so we didn’t get tickets for that.

      We changed our car recently and are too scared to go through the monkey enclosure. :))

  2. To enjoy seeing these animals up close must be a fantastic feeling. I had to laugh at the camels waiting for the cleaners to be done. Super nice photos of them all, thanks for sharing and it was really a pleasure seeing them. Have great new week!

  3. Every time I see your Knowsley Park photos it reminds me we need to make more use of our Longleat annual passes! Good to see the lions are every bit as lazy up your way as they are down here – cats will be cats, no matter what size they are 🙂

  4. I also enjoyed photographs of lions. They look so adorable lying and sleeping in the grass. The camels look cool as well. They always have this relaxed vibe about them. Camels are fascinating animals. Thanks for sharing.

    1. The lions are very relaxed, almost all of the time they are like this. It’s one of the highlights of the visit each time.

  5. It’s always fun to go along with you via your photos. I think my favorites today are the rhinos. Such solid creatures! The lions tickled me. I’ve often had sleeping dogs spread out like that. Definitely a sign of being secure and unthreatened.
    Kelly recently posted…Caption this #2My Profile

    1. The lions were so funny, without a care in the world. I think it was close to their feeding day. If I remember correctly, they eat twice a week.
      For me the camel supervising the keepers was the favourite animal this time.

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