January 2020

January was a very busy month for me. With my studies and a lot of work related things to think of, at the end of it I feel a bit tired. But I love the excitement and fast pace, so I’m not actually complaining. I just need a bit more rest and I will be […]

Vegan Food Shop

Vegan Food Shop

In a few days Veganuary ends and lots of people will stop eating veggies and will go back to dairy and meat. So I thought this is the perfect time to share my Vegan Food Shop. I’m not keeping Veganuary, but I’m making a daily effort to incorporate as many veggies in my diet. This […]

Stand off with the Rhinos

Knowsley Safari Park, January

This month’s visit to Knowsley Safari Park was one of the best so far. It was quite eventful with a couple of the animals annoyed and not wanting to move. I will talk about that a bit later in the post. Firstly, the drive through the park started with some donkeys (or I should say […]

Whistler - Thames Police

Whistler and Pennell: Etching the city

Whistler and Pennell: Etching the city is a special exhibition at Sudley House, a lovely small museum in Liverpool. I visit Sudley House regularly as their special exhibitions are usually fascinating. In 2017 I saw the exhibitions the 1930s and Transformation, and in 2018 I went to see Fashion from the 1950s, and Costume Drama […]

Festus' Choice

Festus’ choice

Festus’ choice might sound a bit cheesy for a post title, but I think it describes perfectly what the post is about: choosing. After Christmas I shared a few pictures with Festus picking up his favourite treat from the ones he had under the tree. He had only 4 to pick from, so we’ve made […]

Kat von D 24 hours Super Brow

Kat von D Super Brow

I got this Kat von D Super Brow pomade six months ago and I’m very happy with it. I knew I might like to make a post about it, so before using it for the first time I took some pictures. This is a very good makeup. It lasts for a long time, those 24 […]

Best 12 museums I visited in 2019

Best 12 museums I visited in 2019

Last year I was asked by someone doing research how many museums I’ve been to that year and he was shocked by my answer: 50. It was an estimation, but a very good one. So, that made me think of making a round-up of the museums I liked. Here it is: Best 12 museums I […]

Room at History of Science Museum

History of Science Museum

History of Science Museum is just a few minutes from Bodleian, next to the Sheldonian Theatre. It is free to visit, but they do accept donations, and they also have pretty interesting things in their gift shop. They don’t have tea rooms, but Bodleian’s tea rooms are on the opposite side, so you can have […]

Goals for 2020

Goals for 2020

As usual, I’m making three kinds of goals for 2020: blogs, personal, and travel. It is the same pattern I’ve used for a couple of years. Goals for 2020: Blogs 1. Post regularly. I think I can aim to post twice every week on this blog, a weekly recipe on CookStyle if I don’t have […]

Bodleian Library - Door

Bodleian Library. Pictures Only

Bodleian Library offers three tours, so make sure you book yours if you are visiting Oxford. It’s really nice and the guide offers plenty of details. Divinity School Sir Thomas Bodley’s Chest Sheldon tapestry map of Gloucestershire, circa 1590 Map of Palestine, late 14th century A survey of the microcosme, Johann Remmelin, London, 1695 Selenographia […]