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EverGreen Boat Cafe

EverGreen Boat Cafe is a unique plant-based cafe relatively close to us, in Lymm, between Liverpool and Manchester. You can see here pictures of the village from one of the visits a few years ago. They also organize fun events, like the Easter time Duck race, which I saw two or three times in the last years.

Besides, going to EverGreen Boat Cafe meant that I could cross over something from my bucket list – 40 before 40. I did put it as: take a narrow-boat day-trip or a short holiday, without realizing that I am not very good with all the rocking a boat does. So, spending an hour on a narrow-boat for lunch is a much better idea. I would love to go there again and my husband liked it too.

EverGreen Boat Cafe

I wanted to go there for lunch and, yesterday, we stopped on our way to Manchester. First of all, we were so lucky finding a table, as, while we had lunch, many people were turned down, as the place was full. It is in a great location, it looks lovely, and is unusual, so, as one can easily imagine, very popular too. Next time I will book online, on their Facebook page, as I don’t want to see they don’t have any available tables.


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As I couldn’t take any pictures inside as there were lots of customers, I’ve embedded a picture from their Instagram account. The boat was renovated by the owners. It is a small family-run business and it shows, as every detail is thought of and they are very friendly too.

soup at EverGreen Boat Cafe

We’ve had a late breakfast, so we’ve decided on a light lunch. Also, we knew we wanted cake and that played a part too in our choice. The broccoli and celery soup was delicious, rich, served with wholemeal bread, and vegan butter. I’ve enjoyed it a lot.

cake at EverGreen Boat Cafe

Next we had cake. After I ordered my chocolate cake I discovered it was their gluten-free option. I’m avoiding gluten-free cakes as their texture might be a bit strange and, as I happily eat gluten, there is no need for me to avoid it.
I was surprised to see how lovely the cake was, very well made, and it didn’t matter it was gluten-free. They had four cakes to choose from, and my husband picked the passion-fruit cake which was very nice too.

We both had a lovely time, the food is very good, the boat looks amazing, and the menu is diverse with good prices. I would love to go there again for lunch.

View from EverGreen Boat Cafe
EverGreen Boat Cafe is on Bridgewater canal in Lymm, postcode is WA13 0AB. I overheard that they are serving cow’s milk for coffee, but the food is plant-based.

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  1. We have been to Evergreen Boat Cafe in Lymm . It was delightful -immaculately clean , friendly and lovely food
    I would highly recommend itv.

  2. That sounds a great way to meet your 40 challenge! We ate on a narrowboat near Stratford which was fun.
    Your choccie cake looks scrumptious! Some gluten free cakes DO taste and feel weird but equally, I’ve had some amazing ones! In my flute trio, one of the members has to eat gluten free so the other member made a sumptuous gluten free cake for us to eat. It was SOOO light!
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