Victoria Highfield Jewellery Shop, Manchester

I was invited to an event at Victoria Highfield to see their new ranges and have a chat about their pieces. I was delighted to attend as I love jewellery. There are two Victoria Highfield shops in Manchester, one in Stockport and the one in Didsbury, where the event was held.

01 Victoria Highfield Event

02 Victoria Highfield Event

In the shop there are well known brands like Clogau, Carat and many others. Beside fine jewellery they also stock brands like D for Diamonds for kids, Vivienne Westwood watches and Fiorelli handbags. They have their own designs and make bespoke pieces too.

03 Victoria Highfield Event

04 Victoria Highfield Event

05 Victoria Highfield Event

06 Victoria Highfield Event

07 Victoria Highfield Event

This gorgeous necklace was made with an unique quartz stone and it is from their range. I love this idea of taking a rare stone and making it into something special.

08 Victoria Highfield Event

09 Victoria Highfield Event

10 Victoria Highfield Event

It was a lovely event and I was happy to attend. Have a look on their website or go and have a look in shop at their beautiful pieces of jewellery.

As hubby came with me, we went to a restaurant after the event. I’m going to blog about it next week as we had a lovely dinner in a restaurant I wanted to try for a while.

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  1. Definitely love the Quartz necklace, I love crystal jewellery, too! Looks like a really cool event, I’m glad you had a nice time, Anca 🙂 x

    1. Thank you Kezzie x The necklace “made me” look at it again and again, it is stunning.

  2. This looks like a great event. I love jewellery too and those pieces are amazing.

    Victoria xx

  3. This looks like a great fun event. And the jewellery is stunning. I’m looking forward to reading about your meal 🙂

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