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Arley Gardens

Arley Gardens is the first place we visited in months. As the lockdown restrictions lifted, we were able to travel to a place we wanted to see. The gardens were open, but only for locals, at about 50 minutes from us, it would have been inappropriate for us to travel to the gardens before 29th March. Check their website for details if you want to visit the gardens. Details about fees and opening times are at the end of the post. Arley Hall & Gardens are owned by Lord & Lady Ashbrook.

Arley Gardens

The entrance to the Hall must be amazing in the summer. This is the view from the entrance towards the car park. There were people queueing at the entrance, so I avoided taking a picture of it.

Arley Gardens - Clock Tower

To get to the formal gardens one needs to pass through this stunning clock tower. But, before visiting the formal garden, we did the woodland walk.

Magnolia tree

The Grove is an informal garden in a woodland setting. There are a few benches for visitors to spend a few moments enjoying the beautiful flowers and plants. The informal parts are filled with rhododendrons, and, even more important this time of year, gorgeous magnolias. The grove is one of the favourite parts of the estate for Lord Ashbrook.

Magnolia tree

How beautiful are these magnolia trees? They are dotted around the garden.

Magnolia flower

Magnolia flower

 Formal gardens at Arley Gardens

The formal gardens are nice, but I imagine they are stunning in the summer. Even in March there are many flowers in bloom.

walled garden


Path in the formal garden


Artificial lake

 Lake at Arley Gardens

Stairs in the formal garden at Arley Gardens


The sundial was correct, it was about 1pm when we visited the gardens.

Another path in the gardens

Despite its name, there are no fish in the garden.

Flower getting ready to bloom

I got a plant like this from their nursery. It is called Lutea. It has these beautiful yellow flowers. The one I got started to bloom, so I am very happy with that. Also, it was £8.50, which is really good for such an unusual and big plant. I also got a “globemaster” allium, which should be amazing in the summer.

Tea cottage at Arley Gardens

The tea cottage was a beautiful surprise while visiting the gardens. When I saw it I thought it must be Victorian, as their passion for mock Tudor is well known. I was wrong, the tea cottage is much older than that, dating to the 18th century. It was used for garden parties.

 Interior of tea cottage



Ladybug on a leaf

Barn at Arley Gardens

It is likely that the Cruck Barn was built at the same time as the house, in 1469. An oak trunk was split in the middle to create each pair of the 7 crucks; these were jointed on the ground before being raised into position and tied in with horizontal members. In the 19th century it was used as an indoor riding school. Now the barn is used for events and is open to visitors to the Hall.

I think the barn makes for a perfect location for an event. It’s just stunning.

Arley Hall

Arley Gardens are open everyday 10am – 5pm, this time of year. The Hall, Chapel, and Garden Vinery are still closed until further lockdown restrictions are lifted. A mask is required when visiting Arley due to the entry in the garden being via the gift shop. There is no need to book. Entry fee is £10 for adults and £4 for children, with family discounts too. Car par charge is £2.

Arley Hall & Gardens are in Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 6NA. The nursery was open and we bought two plants. We had masks on when we paid, but the nursery is outside and there is a one-way system, making it very safe for people to browse and pick the plants they like.

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  1. What a fabulous place to visit — and all the more so, after many months of being more or less confined. The magnolias are gorgeous but so, too, is the use of water. I love that they have a garden shop and even more so that you can add something to your own garden from this beautiful spot. I hope you visit again in the summer when the formal gardens are, I’m sure, at their best. I can see why this would be a great place in almost any season.

  2. What a lovely location and how nice that it includes a nursery. I hope you do go back during other seasons to see what all will be blooming. The Magnolias are beautiful, but quite different from the ones we have here. Ours bloom in May, so I’m looking forward to them. Great capture of the ladybug!
    Kelly recently posted…Lawn Mower RaceMy Profile

    1. I love that they have a nursery too. As I visit stunning gardens but have no idea where to get some of those beautiful flowers. Also, getting them big and established is so much better than trying my luck with bulbs/seeds.

  3. The woodland walk and those magnolias look just magical. I know it’s an odd thing to say but social distancing has a silver lining in that it looks like you had the place to yourselves. Such beautiful photos, Anca, thank you for sharing your trip xx

    1. I agree with the social distancing. It makes visiting a place like this even more special. I am looking forward to visit more gardens this year. xx

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