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Stoney Middleton

Last weekend we’ve been to Stoney Middleton to attend the Well Dressing celebrations . The village is beautiful and picturesque, so I made a post about it. I took a map from the local pub with a circular walk around the village. On a sunny day it was a delight.

01 Stoney Middleton

Stoney Middleton is a village in the Peak District National Park. The first settlement was made 6,000 years ago due to presence of thermal waters. The Romans were settled here too and they were smelting lead. 600 years ago the Church was built, they were giving supplies to the self-quarantine people of Eyam during the plaque and in The Second World there was a camp for prisoners. The village has an impressive history considering how small it is.

We’ve started the walk in the centre with St Martin’s Church.

02 Stoney Middleton
The cottages look beautiful and they are well maintained, with pretty flowers in their front gardens.

03 Stoney Middleton
This is the Bathhouse, is known as the Roman Baths but there is no evidence that Romans had a bath on that place. The water has a constant temperature of 17 degrees and it was believed it had health benefits. The house is a listed building.

05 Stoney Middleton
Another important landmark is The Old Toll House, built in 1840 to collect tolls, now is the local chip shop at Stoney Middleton.

06 Stoney Middleton
These rocks are called Lovers Leap because in 1762 Hannah Baddaley was abandoned and flung herself off the cliff top. She was saved by her voluminous skirts, which acted as a parachute. She died of natural causes two years later, unmarried.

07 Stoney Middleton rock climbing
Those rocks are used for rock climbing. On the leaflet it says they are some of the most difficult climbs in the world. There is a man in red on the rocks, climbing.

08 Stoney Middleton

The rocks are really magnificent. We took a path towards the caves that were on the map.

09 Stoney Middleton

10 Stoney Middleton

11 Stoney Middleton

12 Stoney Middleton
As I had no idea I’m going in the woods, I was in heels, at least I had my new shoes with low heel (and not my usual 3″-4″). I thought people will think I’m not that bright, but when I left the home I had no idea I will walk through the woods and I don’t want to miss an opportunity.

13 Stoney Middleton
We found the caves.

14 Stoney Middleton
Hubby wanted to have a better look and went down into a cave.

15 Stoney Middleton
Of course I had to jump there to see the cave for myself. I wanted a fashion photo shoot, but I was laughing to hard to keep still. I managed to get out with hubby’s help and my heels intact.

16 Stoney Middleton
We went back to the main road and continued the circular walk. The waterfall was very close to the road, but it looks like it goes deep in the forest.

17 Stoney Middleton
This is the entrance into an old Lime Kiln.

18 Stoney Middleton

19 Stoney Middleton
The old path near the quarry was beautiful, there were lots of birds singing and I saw an incredible amount of butterflies flying around.

20 Stoney Middleton
Darlton Quarry is an old limestone quarry.

21 Stoney Middleton

22 Stoney Middleton

23 Stoney Middleton

We had to descend towards the pub and finish the circular walk. It was nice and relaxing. There were caves, some historic landmarks, beautiful cottages, butterflies and livestock, birds of prey and pheasants and some ponies. The perfect combination for a few hours in the British countryside.

24 Stoney Middleton things to see.

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  1. What a fabulous place to visit, it is so picturesque and your photography is absolutely incredible! You also got a fabulous day for it too!

    Love, Amie<3

  2. Like a fairy walk with all the butterflies and the stream and the caves! Beautiful scenery. Poor Hannah 🙁

  3. It certainly does look very picturesque and beautiful, I love historical villages and towns 🙂 you took some fantastic photos, Anca, it was a pleasure to look through them, I felt like I was there! x

  4. Ooooh, this looks great. I like walks with lots of interesting and changing scenery and the Peak District is such a beautiful part of the country, I love it up there!

    I’ve added it to my ‘to do list’ and will definitely try and fit it in the next time I’m in that part of the country if the weather permits 🙂

    1. Thank you Penny. It was a lovely walk, so many different things to see, I’m sure you’ll like it xx

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