30 Days Wild

This June I’ve took the 30 Days Wild challenge. I did enjoy it a lot. It was a bit of pressure some days, because I didn’t have the time to go on different walks. But I’ve tried something else, picking up something grown in our garden, doing a longer walk with Festus. I’m glad I did, and next year I’m going to try it again.

30 Days Wild is a challenge made by the Wildlife Trust @ They offer some ideas of what you can made and I took advantage of that, especially on days I didn’t have lots of time.

30 Days Wild

This is what I did this month, by day, with one exception or two. We’ve had picnics, did a few more walks, enjoyed the flowers, and picked homegrown plants. I also did a bit of gardening. We did feed the wild birds, that is something I do each year and I enjoy it. I also have a bird feeder that I stock every single day. A lot of birds are coming to get food, mainly pigeons and black birds. The 28th and the 30th were, as you can see, the best days. I’m going to make a post about kayaking soon. I did talk about this a few years ago.

Day 1. Throwing pieces of carrots for the dog to enjoy.
Day 2. Bought wire for my climbing plants.
Day 3. Walking around the grounds at Croxteth Hall.
Day 4. Breakfast as a picnic.
Day 5. I’ve planted some micro herbs, carrots, and borage flowers.
Day 6. Takeaway pizza, wine, and lots of desserts, for lunch, outside. A sort of a picnic.
Day 7. I’ve spent a bit of time admiring the roses, after a seminar.
Day 8. “Leave that book and play with me!” This is what I imagine my dog is saying.
Day 9. A walk in the woods before the Knaresborough Bed Race.
Day 10. Mint tea with garden mint from my garden, and cake to mark Prince Philip’s 97th birthday.
Day 11. I did a bit of gardening. I’ve been sorting out the passiflora in the garden, spread it and tied it to the fence.
Day 12. A gorgeous plant filled with purple flowers.
Day 13. Having coffee outside.
Day 14. Feeding pigeons in a local park.
Day 15. I took out the micro salad and I’ve planted three new seeds in my grofresh indoor garden.
Day 16. Pizza with micro-herbs grown by me in the garden and indoors.
Day 17. My husband and Festus, having fun during a very long afternoon walk, for Father’s Day.
Day 18. Strawberry harvest from the garden.
Day 19. We went on a different path on our afternoon doggie walk, exploring the neighbourhood.
Day 20. Pink wild rose spotted on our afternoon walk.
Day 21. My passiflora was in bloom for the first time this year.
Day 22. Walking through tall grass.
Day 23. A bit of DIY to repair a pole from the awning, that snapped last time we went caravanning, during a storm. My husband mend it, but I went to the shop with him, so it counts.
Day 24. We went to read in the park. I packed a couple of homemade biscuits, some juice, a book for me, and my husband’s eReader.
Day 25. A walk in the park.
Day 26. Our view from the caravan. This is one of the reasons I love camping.
Day 27. A stunning water lily pond (fountain) with lilies in bloom, pink, white, and yellow. There were some very friendly and hungry fish too.
Day 28. Swings, suitable for adults! How could I say no to that?
Day 29. Homegrown raspberries.
Day 30. Kayaking! I loved it.

Have you done a 30 Days Wild challenge?

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  1. Looks good I love walking and getting out … This summer we went to my dad’s house in Surrey Walton on Thames by the river some lovely walks down the Thames

  2. I had never heard about the Wild Challenge before I saw your posts on Instagram, but it’s such a good and exciting idea! It’s very rewarding to spend time in nature and to go on walks, among other things. Challenges are great because they give you the motivation to try out new things 🙂

    Julia x

  3. You are very hardworking! I have not done it as we had recently moved. This is such a fun thing to do! Looking forward your kayaking adventure.

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