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Today I’m sharing a round-up of Verona. It is my favourite city in Italy, from the ones I’ve been to. I liked it more than Venice, so that’s indicative of how amazing I think it is.


So far I blogged about locations in Verona. I shared my views on two restaurants, Flora (vegan) and Zazie (vegetarian). I also talked about three museums, Castelvecchio which is an art gallery in a 14-th century castle, The Roman Theatre which is a splendid museum of a Roman theatre that also housed a medieval monastery, and Casa di Giulietta, from where Shakespeare got his inspiration. On top of that we’ve been to see an opera at the Roman Arena di Verona.

Porta Leoni

But there were a few more highlights that I wanted to share and just to talk about the city. First of all, this wonderful gate, Porta Leoni dates back to ~50 BCE.

Roman artefacts

View of Verona

This is a view of Verona from one of the hills. The bridge is Ponte Pietra, a wonderful piece of engineering which is one of the structures that structural engineers learn about at university. It was completed in 100 BCE, destroyed by the Nazi and rebuilt.


This is the view from the funicular. There is one in Verona and it is worth using as it offers stunning views of the city.

Funicular cabin

Duomo Verona. Exterior

As expected, the churches and religious buildings in Italy are beautiful. This is the Duomo. It can be visited, so well worth stopping by.

Duomo Verona

Duomo Verona. Ceiling

The ceiling of the Duomo is gorgeous.

Museum of Archeology

Museum of Archaeology is another one that is interesting. It’s small, but I think it has sufficient artefacts to make the visit worthwhile.


I highly recommend taking a train tour of Verona. It is a guided tour and the price is only 5€ per person (that’s just a bit over £4). It’s so worth it.

Forte Sofia

Forte Sofia is now a cultural venue, where art exhibitions are being staged. It’s a bit tricky to reach by car, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend visiting it.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes was closed when we got there, but we could have a look around before the whole compound was closed.

View from Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes

Just look at the view from the church, just stunning.

memorial slab

I noticed this memorial slab in one of the museums. It commemorates Papirius Marcellinus, who died during the wars against the Dacians. Yes, against Dacia, the country that today is called Romania. I can say I had mixed feelings seeing this. Romans are part of our heritage and culture, hence the name of the country. We learned Latin in school, we have Roman names as Marcel, for example, is a common name even today.

Building in Verona

Three more pictures from Verona, a random building which looks gorgeous. I love the architecture of the ancient city. This is followed by two streets of Verona.

Street in Verona from above

Street in Verona

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    1. I loved the churches. The artwork is just stunning. I think my favourite one was the Doumo in Monza, which sounds so random, but it was the most widely painted. Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures inside, due to restrictions.

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