Chinese New Year, Liverpool

In the last year Chinese New Year was celebrated when I was away with work and this meant I wasn’t able to attend the celebrations. This year I found that the majority of the celebrations in Liverpool will be today, when I’m in London. Well, that is actually funny and my reason to go to London is exciting, I couldn’t be happier.

We went on Friday on Bold Street to see the Chinese New Year Lanterns and the Jingwei & the Ocean Projections at Black-E and the Arch in Chinatown.

01 Chinese New Year, Liverpool

The story projected is of the emperor’s daughter who died at sea, was transformed into a bird and filled the ocean with twigs and stones so that no-one else would die like she did. The story was of the first Chinese settlers that made Liverpool their home and developed a beautiful community.

02 Chinese New Year, Liverpool

There is music too and the projections are nicely made.

03 Chinese New Year, Liverpool

04 Chinese New Year, Liverpool

05 Chinese New Year, Liverpool

07 Chinese New Year, Liverpool

Around Chinatown there are plenty of Chinese restaurants and shops. It’s nice for a night out.

06 Chinese New Year, Liverpool

The lanterns on Bold Street weren’t as nice as I imagined. There weren’t lit, so they looked pretty dull in the evening. Also, there were a lot of them. I think that I would’ve thought differently if I saw them on my way to the dragon parade.

Overall, I had higher expectations, as in the previous years it was lovely. In 2013 the parade was lovely, it was the first time I’ve been to the Chinese New Year celebrations. I went to see the celebrations in 2015 too. It’s true that today is the parade and I missed that, but it seems in Manchester there were plenty more things to see. Sadly I only saw too late and couldn’t go.

Are you going to see the Chinese New Year celebrations this year? It is something you like doing? Let me know.

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  1. I’ve never celebrated the chinese new year but I love it when they put coloured lights on buildings!

    Corinne x

  2. Aww, what lovely sights! I’m glad you got to explore this time 😀 Chinese new year is always so lovely 😀

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